Prince Albert Speaks

Pujols is now urging the Cardinals to sign Manny Ramirez NOW! Albert has been quoted by saying “I speak with Manny every three days and he tells me, `Man, no one wants to sign me,’ Pujols said Thursday during a news conference. “I’m not an agent or general manager, but I can’t understand how Manny has not signed.” Pujols did pass along Manny’s phone number to LaRussa. I guess LaRussa might give him a ring or two but nothing has been reported regarding any comments from the Cardinals front office or LaRussa. I would love to have Man-Ram here.
Manny would also be perfect protection hitting behind Pujols. Albert also adds “Maybe St. Louis doesn’t have the money to sign him, but he could give them a discount because St. Louis is a great city that supports its players,” Pujols said.

My Take:
Sounds like a pipe dream for us to sign Free Agent Manny Ramirez does’nt it?
Well Bill DeWitt has said several times in interviews that if the opprotunity is right to add a impact player he will increase payroll. So there is money there to spend! DeWitt also knows that attendance last year went down. If the Cards can add another marquee style player like Manny I am sure the fans will try and make to the stadium this year. Manny also improves the team with Glaus gone until at least May or June? On another down side it has been reported that our so call GM “Mo” had made comments about this situation earlier today. “The answer is no,” Mozeliak said, when asked by the Los Angeles Times if the Cardinals had interest in signing Ramirez. According to Manny’s agent Scott Boras, there are more than one team that is intrested in Manny Ramirez. Come on’ “Mo” do it for the fans!

I am now talking to all of the St.Louis Cardinal Fans out there. We must unite and tell this organization what the fans want, and we want Manny!


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