Adam Kennedy Released

Today the Cardinals have placed Adam Kennedy on waivers this morning. Other teams have 48 hours to claim him and his $4 million dollars. With Kennedy finally out of the picture, second-base opens up a big competition between Skip Schumacher, Brendan Ryan, Joe Thurston, Brian Barden, Jarrett Hoffpauir, and Tyler Greene. The Cardinals have also made it clear that they are not going after any FA’s for 2B. So don’t bother to dream about a Ray Durham or a Orlando Hudson to fill that position. The last fulltime Second-baseman that lasted more than one year is Fernando Vina. He played for the Cards from 2000 to 2003.
Cardinal Management is now looking at Skip Schumaker to be the next in line for 2B. It has been reported that Skip has been taking ground balls during Spring Training this week.

I like Skip Schumaker, but I would rather to see the Cardinals either trade or pick up a FA Second baseman. Mark Grudzielanik is still available, I am sure we can grab him at a cheap price by now. On the other hand I believe the Cards want to go cheap with a rookie at this position. I wish Skip luck.

Braden Looper is head for the Brewers. GM Doug Melvin had confirmed it today. Looper’s Agent and Melvin are in negoitations at this time


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