Three More Weeks!

Well Cardinal Fans we have three more weeks till the start of Major League Baseball. Personally I am looking forward to the 2009 Season. For some reason I still have a nagging feeling about our hometown team. Today in a game against Boston Schumaker makes his 4th error at 2B. The sports radio stations here in St.Louis were all a buzz about the Schumaker experiment will come to a end. The front office believes that they can fix this internally. The players they have in mind are Joe Thurston, Tyler Greene, and Branden Ryan. I have a feeling the Cardinals will have to trade to bring in a second-basemen that would help this team to become a contender. Someone that comes to my mind and Cardinal Insider Joe Strauss is Blake DeWitt. The Dodgers middle infielder that can play Thirdbase and Secondbase. The Dodgers are looking to unload him.

Here is the skinny on Blake DeWitt. He was born in Sarasota, FL but raised in Sikeston, MO. In High School he batted .558 with 15 home runs, 11 doubles and 48 RBI. He was also named to Baseball Americas High School All-America first team. DeWitt is one of the few players in Missouri baseball history to be named first team all-state four times. In addition to his hitting prowess, DeWitt was an effective pitcher, winning a Missouri high school record 27 consecutive games and losing only one. In 2008 DeWitt made the team due to injuries to Nomar, LaRoche and Tony Abreu. In 2008 Blake had 368 At Bats, 97Hits, 9HRs, 52RBIs, .264BA and a .383SLG average. Thats not bad.
So if the Cardinals are to trade for him who would we trade? One name comes to mind is Chris Duncan, but that would never happen due to LaRussa’s man love for him. Here are a few names that come to my mind that have no future with the Cardinals. Allen Craig, he is hitting over .500 during Spring Training but has no future since he only has experience at 1B. Nick Stavinoha is another player that can be moved, along with Bryan Anderson.

Picture of the Day


Picture Submitted by Steve Klutho

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