The 2B Job Goes To……………………………

As of this morning John Mozeliak declared Skip Schumaker the Cardinals “Official” second baseman for now.

There had been no timetable for the decision, said Mozeliak, nor was there a moment when everyone involved thought this really would work.

“The thing that was gettiing frustrating both to the manager (Tony La Russa) and myself was we never put a date on it,” Mozeliak said. “We were open-minded to see how far this would go. He’s played well, and this may be something where we get well into the season and realize it’s not the right fit. We don’t know that answer. As long as he plays well and is effective offensively. . . it’s positive for the Cardinals.”

Over at 3B, it looks as if David Freese might get the starting job unitl Troy Glaus comes back.

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