St.Louis Cardinals Central Division Winners!!!!

Cards Win!! Cards Win!! Cards Win!!
These where the immortal words of Harry Carey when he was a Cardinal Broadcaster. This was a long road for the Cards this year, but they made it. So far the Dodgers have clinched the west and the Yanks have clinched the AL East. Right now the Cards need to win more games to get home field advantage. My faith is with this team and I believe they will get through the NLDS.

Here is my predictions for the Divisional Winners

West: Los Angeles Dodgers
Central: St.Louis Cardinals
East: Atlanta Braves
WC: Colorado Rockies

West: Los Angeles Angels
Central: Minnesota Twins
East: New York Yankees
WC: Boston Redsocks

Joey’s Tidbits

This is what I am hearing around MLB.

Cardinals: With the recent voided contract of Wagner Mateo, that money will go towards the deal the Cardinals want to make with Matt Holliday.
More than likely Rick Ankiel will no longer be with the Cardinals next year. His agent Scott Boras is trying to convince General Managers that his client is a combination of Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Duke Snider. Oh my God!