Breaking News………..

The Cardinals will announce at a Monday morning press conference Tony La Russa’s decision to return for a 15th season as manager. Today’s run-up, however, features mounting evidence that La Russa’s return after a 2-week deliberation will be dwarfed by former Redbirds first baseman Mark McGwire’s return from a self-imposed 8-year exile to become the team’s hitting coach.The Club had also notified Hal McRae on Friday that they will not renew his contract, per Post Dispatch.
Multiple sources, including McRae’s son Brian, have confirmed McRae’s ouster following a five-year term as hitting coach. Now get this……
A club source confirmed a plan to bring back McGwire but cautioned that a formal announcement could wait until after Monday’s press conference. McGwire is believed to still be negotiating a deal that would put him back in uniform for the first time since he abruptly retired after the 2001 season due to chronic injuries.
Now this makes me wonder if Holliday would want to stay a Cardinal if McGwire is now the batting coach?

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