My Take On The Matt Holiday Saga

I have been following every morsel of information on the net, radio and TV in regards to the Holliday FA situation. These are my results:
I give props to Mo’ on knowing how to handle Boras. Boras is a smart but tricky little agent that can be out smarted. It was clear to me that Mo’ made a stance when he said “I am not going into a bidding war”, in which Boras is trying to do. When it comes to what Holiday wants there has been articles in which he said he doesn’t want to play in NY. So that means Mets nor Yankees. Other teams interested in Holiday include Angels and the Giants. Holiday also had talked about wanting to stay in the mid-west where he can be closer to his family. Its hard to predict whats going to happen but it sure is fun following this story. I see indications that Holiday may sign with the Cards. I think once Mo’ and Tony are able to sit down with Matt to talk and iron stuff out we might be able to see him in Cardinal Red.


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