Cardinal News and Tidbits

As the Cardinals prepare themselves for the Winter Meetings on Dec. 7-9 in Indianapolis for possible trades or FA signings. The Veterans Committee will verge to vote on Whitey Herzog, Billy Martin, Gene Mauch and Danny Murtaugh. Last time Herzog was on the ballot he lost by one vote. I have a feeling this time around he will get in.

Angels 3B Chone Figgins was just signed an hour ago by the Seattle Mariners for $36Mil for four years. Figgins was coveted by the Cardinals. He was a part of their Plan B if they are not able to sign Matt Holiday. The Mariners had offered arbitration to their 3B Adrian Beltre but will have to wait till Dec.7(Monday) to see if he will agree to arbitration or not. It looks like he won’t due to the Mariners signing Figgins. Beltre which is 31 is commanding no more less than 10Mil a year and he is also a Scott Boras client. Yikes!

Holiday sweepstakes are at a fizzle with only The Cards, Redsox and Mets. Looks like Boras deflated his own client. Holiday will not get a $100mil a year with anyone. There is a small chance that the Cardinals could sign him on Monday but I would prefer they spend their money else where like another strong pitcher or another outfielder like Ryan Church.

Mark DeRosa is asking for $27Mil/3ys. That’s way out of the Cardinals price range. There are a lot of teams after DeRosa too. We will probably lose him to free agency too.


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