Drafted by Cardinals but Got Away

Paul Molitor drafted by the Cardinals in 1974. Did not sign so he went back into the Draft and finally got picked by the Brewers as their number three pick. Went on to be  a seven time All-Star. He also became an World Series MVP in 1993 and won the Babe Ruth Award that same year.

Molitor’s lifetime statistics include 2,683 games played, 1,782 runs scored, 3,319 hits, 234home runs, 1,307 runs batted in, a .306 batting average, and 504 stolen bases. He batted .368 in 5 postseason series. Molitor recorded these statistics while missing nearly 500 games due to various injuries throughout his career.

Resident reporter Steve Klutho has put together a partial list of Drafted Cardinal Players that got away:

Bucky Dent
Bill Madlock
Roy Smalley
Bryn Smith
Bill Caudhill
Paul Molitor
Charlie Lea
Dan Plesac
Rick Aguilera
Bobby Meachum
1982 Rob Dibble

Jeff Fassero



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