Felipe Lopez Fires Boras


Free-agent infielder Felipe Lopez has fired his agent, Scott Boras, and signed on with the Beverly Hill Sports Council, a source told ESPN.com Friday.
The 29-year-old Lopez was reportedly disgruntled over still finding himself without a team, just days before the beginning of spring training.
Lopez batted .310, with a .383 on-base percentage, last season for the Diamondbacks and Brewers. The only other free agent on the market this winter who matched or beat him in both of those categories was Matt Holliday.
The Cardinals are the only club known to still have interest in Lopez, who was also on Colorado’s shopping list before the Rockies signed Melvin Mora. Source: Jayson Stark

I want to applaud Lopez for having the guts to fire Boras. We don’t see this very often. Looks like lopez wants work and Boras was not representing him properly. As of late the Cardinals do have interest in him to fill in the infield and outfield. I think Lopez would be a nice fit once again to play off our bench which needs help at this time.


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