Could Mike Lowell Become a Cardinal?

It all started by a scout with a scout making this comment.

“The Twins, Angels, and Cardinals [if they feel David Freese isn’t ready] could have a fit for him. The Giants, with Brian Sabean in the Yankee organization years ago when they signed him, could always use someone who can hit. The Mets could use him at first base. I’ve got to believe there’s a place for someone with Lowell’s righthanded power if Boston picks up the majority of the contract.’’ Then Rob Rains of the St.Louis Globe Democrat picked up the notion and ran with it in his article I recall the Cardinals having interest in him during the winter of 2009. Lowell would make a great fit for the Cardinals if Freese isn’t able to live up to his expectations. Lowell would also be a great back up for Pujols. Mike Lowell does expect to be traded before the beginning of the 2010 season. Mike was also quoted by saying “If I was on the trading block before, I can’t imagine all of a sudden I’m not now,” Lowell said. “I think my health is something I obviously something I need to show, not only the Red Sox but every other team. If that opens the door to something else, I’ll go wherever I go, or stay wherever I stay.”

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