Our First Game of the Season

Last night my son told me that he couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s Baseball Game. He has been waiting all off season for this day to  happen. He had such a happy face as we walked into the gates at Busch Stadium. Once we found our seats I was able to see the wonderment in his eyes at this spectacular view we call Baseball Heaven.

Once the game started he wanted to know where Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols was. I told him he had to wait till they come out to the field to play. I can tell that the boredom was sitting in. So I went to get him some Cracker Jacks and a soda. My son was happy with that. The game itself was low scoring but it was fun for me to watch Brad Penny throw heat. He was clocked at 95mph during some of his pitches. The Cardinals beat the Astros 2-1. They will play again Thursday afternoon at 12:40. The Cards have Kyle Lohse going against Bud Norris. Hopefully the Cards will sweep the ailing Astros club.                                          


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