Celebrating the Military and Baseball

With the Fourth of July weekend in mind, I want to honor the men and women that have served to protect our country. In doing so I want to mix my favorite past-time with this honor. First of all I want to honor my own dad that served in WWII. Like myself my dad Marvin “Mac” McBrayer loved baseball. He grew up playing football and baseball in the dry dusty fields of west Texas. My dad was a Texan that grew to love St.Louis. This is where he made his home after WWII. This is where my mom is from. To make a long story short he loved the St.Louis Cardinals. He use to tell me stories about how him and his unit that was stationed in England would take broken broom sticks and old cork balls to play baseball. He loved Cardinal Ball and that was passed down to me and now my son Gabriel.
To honor the Cardinal players of the past that served our country I had developed a list of players that put their careers on hold to serve our country.

                                                                 Ken Boyer-Korean War

                                                                    Stan Musial-WWII


                                                                Rabbit Marianville-WW1

Honorable Mention: Ted Simmons-Red Schoendienst-Al Habrosky-Enos Slaughter-Harry Walker-Terry Moore-Ernie White-Frank Crespi.  I know there are a lot more to mention but I am not able to fit them in.

God Bless Our Troops that are still serving.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Military and Baseball

  1. Hi Joe!

    Pardon the intrusion … I'm Bob … Robert Vaughan … I'm a junior, my son the III and me grandson the IV … no imagination!

    “The Man” and “Red” were favorites of mine … but I was an Atlanta Cracker and Boston Braves fan.

    Vaughan is the Middle name … my grandmother's maiden name.

    I too have a blog … http://www.yeoldebarbershop.com … ain't no barbers there but it's like the old barbershops where you met with friends, discussed the war, sports, politics, told jokes and tall tales.

    Love to have you visit … talk baseball or patriotism … whatever strikes your fancy … my most recent post is includes something about Rick Monday's Flag saving play … and the effort to get a flag desecration amendment.

    One of our features is “Centerfield” … it's been devoted to Braves Baseball but is in abeyance and want to change it so it covers all teams … just need a baseball fanatic to write it.

    I sometimes write about Mama, Daddy and family … back when both grannies got her water from the well and cooked on a wood stove …

    Some call me the 2,000 year old man but I was just a baby when Mama took me to the world premiere of Gone With The Wind!

    Actually, it's Robert Vaughan McBrayer, Jr … Bob to you!


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