Asros and Cardinals are in Talks

Ken Rosenthal from FOX SPORTS is reporting the Cards have contacted the Astros and are in trade talks for Roy Oswalt at this moment. There are some banter in regards to the financial part of this trade and who the Astros want in return. The Cardinals are dangling Shelby Miller at this time to lure the Astros into a deal. Hopefully if the Cardinals are able to meet Oswalts and the Astros conditions then the deal will be met.
According to Rosenthal these are the criteria that needs to be met with the Astros and Oswalt:
1. The new team will be wealthy enough to assume all the money left on Oswalt’s contract — and pick up the 2012 option.

2. The new team will be prospect-rich and surrender multiple high-end players.

3. The new team will not be in the National League Central.

4. The new team will be within a reasonable distance of Oswalt’s Mississippi home, theoretically ensuring his personal contentment.


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