Stan Musial Appears on Sports Illustrated Cover

St. Louis’ own Stan Musial appears on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated. The theme of the issue is “Where Are They Now?” Interestingly, though this will be the seventh time Musial has appeared on an SI cover, it is the first time he has not shared it with another player.

The Musial profile is written by Joe Posnanski, and according to a release by Sports Illustrated, “praises Musial for his quiet brilliance and boundless good will—a model of grace for the game that is seen and appreciated less and less often.”

Posnanski writes in the article, “A few years back, when Major League Baseball held a fan vote to name its All-Century Team, a special committee had to add Musial because the fans did not vote him as one of the 10 best outfielders ever. Ten! Only (Hank) Aaron had more total bases. Only Tris Speaker and Pete Rose hit more doubles. Using Bill James’s famous formula, only Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds created more runs. Still, Musial did not get America’s vote. He is not forgotten, not exactly. It is more this: For most of the nation, Stan the Man is a name that has faded into the great American past like singers wearing Tuxedos, John Wayne movies and kids shooting marbles.”

Musial will turn 90 in November.

The Musial issue of Sports Illustrated hits the newstands tomorrow.

by Roger Hensley


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