Joe Torre Returning to the Cardinals?

Is Joe Torre interested in returning to the Cardinals? Sometime last week Peter Gammons reported that the decision of Torre stepping down was based on LaRussa possibly not returning to the Cardinals. LaRussa has commented that he does have two weeks after the season to decide if he returns or not, and he doesn’t see himself signing a three to five year contract with someone else. Most speculate he will return to the Cardinals. I find it interesting that the Cardinals have a short list of possible managers for 2011 already in hand.  I my opinion TLR could very well retire, which could lead to a very wild offseason for the Cardinals.
Joe Torre has been known as a player’s manager. Torre’s fifteen year history with the Yankees has led the team to five World Series. Torre’s five year stint with the Cardinals only got him into 2nd place in 1991. Joe did have some pretty good teams with the likes of Todd Zeile, Ozzie Smith, and Lee Smith. His pitchers he carried where Bryn Smith, Bob Tewksbury, Ken Hill and Omar Olivares which all had over 10 wins in 1991. So is Torre looking for a new start in an old town that which sparked his baseball career. As a Cardinal Torre became MVP in 1971 and appeared in four All-Star games from 1970 to 73. Joe Torre has a great history here but does he have what it takes to manage Albert Pujols, Colby Rasmus and Yadier Molina. The 2010 Cardinals had a lot going for them at the start of the season but like last year fizzled out at the end. There has been disgruntled players and those that show no motivation at all. Could Torre turn this ball club around? Only time can tell. We have to wait to see if LaRussa stays or fade into the sunset.

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