The State of the Cardinals

First of all lets start with Tony LaRussa, what exactly is going on with him. Will he stay or will he go? Well according to the Associated Press the Cardinals Organization did offer Tony the managerial position today. LaRussa has until next week to decide what he wants to do. It is now time for LaRussa to do a little self reflection. In a interview with Derrick Gould it was revealed that LaRussa focused more on how stale a manager can be after 15 years at the same post with the same team.

“They just get tired of you,” La Russa said. “They need somebody fresh. They get to check that person out. There’s no secrets with me any more. We already know each other. I think some freshness is good. You have to consider that.”  I have also learned that Duncan wants to return. There was talk of Dave McKay retiring and Jose Oquendo possibly heading elsewhere as a manager. There has also been some talk of McGwire not returning due to having tripletts over the off season. His wife needs much needed help. As LaRussa stays on the front burner, John Mozeliak has a time table of November 1 to get things started for a change in the St.Louis Cardinals 2011 Season. He needs to move on with him or with out Tony.
So lets wait and see what happens next week. Will TLR stay or go?


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