Joe Girardi New Cardinal Skipper?

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune reported that Joe Girardi may take the job as new manager for the St.Louis Cardinals if LaRussa decides to step down. LaRussa has commented on that it will be great for this team to have a new manager to refresh the team. Is Tony referring to Joe Girardi? Roger’s article goes on to say that Replacing La Russa in St. Louis might be more attractive to Girardi than coming to Chicago. Rogers article also goes on to say:

“The Cardinals would be his kind of place,” one insider said. “No media problems, total control … but don’t they want La Russa back?
Well today that article grew some legs and popped up in The New York Post. According to this article, if the Yankees have a melt down and loses to the Twins in the ALDS….Joe Girardi would consider leaving the Bronx. Which leads into, if the Cardinal job is open Joe Girardi would be intrested in it. There has been rumnors of Girardi going to the Cubs to manage but someone else is in mind to take over, Ryne Sandberg.
My take is something is going on, I can’t put my finger on it but there just might be a change in management.


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