Hot Stove League is in Session

What will the Kansas City Royals do about Zack Greinke? He will be an official Free Agent till 2013. In 2011 and 12 his salary will go up to $13,500,000. At this point the Royals are looking into trading Greinke. The Twins are intrested but the Royals will not trade Zack to a rival team. FoxSports had reported that Greinke has a no trade list that includes half of the clubs in the MLB. It was also reported that he does not want to stay with the Royals if they continue to fall behind in the standings. He prefers smaller market teams like the Rays. Since I have no idea what his no trade teams are, Zack must notify the Royals to let them know who is on his no trade list that will incluide 8-10 teams. He has to do this after the World Series. With this in mind the St.Louis Cardinals do have an intrest in Greinke. There is a possibility that the Cards won’t sign Westbrook. Would Greinke be intrested in the Cardinals or are they on his no trade list. I would love to see this Cy Young winner to wear Cardinal Red and become a part of a very strong rotation. Lets keep our fingers cross after the World Series to see what will happen next.



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