What’s Going On With David Freese?

When I heard that David Freese almost got hit in the head by a hockey puck during a Blues game, I began to wonder is Freese healing from his last injury? So I did a little research to see what is up with David Freese.
In a interview David Freese said his rehabilitation from two ankle operations is going extremely well, and he’s filled with optimism for the 2011 season. He expects to arrive in Jupiter, Fla., well ahead of the required mid-February report date. He recently received a checkup in Colorado with Dr. Thomas Clanton, the surgeon who performed the larger of the two procedures — a reconstructive operation on his right ankle in August. Freese has been cleared to go full go but he is taking it step by step. Right now he is building up strength but not running yet, .he’s likely to start Spring Training more or less on schedule.

 Freese is ready to go when the season starts, he projects as the Cardinals’ starting third baseman. The club has implicitly expressed its confidence in him by not moving to add a veteran to serve as insurance at third.


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