Mark Buherle Watching the Cardinals Situation?

Just an hour ago this news came in about Mark Buherle willing to waive his no trade clause depending on where he would be traded to. Smells like he may want to finally come to the Cardinals. Wainwright out for the season and now Buherle's ears perk up. Here is the skinny on the rest … Continue reading Mark Buherle Watching the Cardinals Situation?

Wainwright Out with Injury

Bad news coming out of Cardinals Camp that Adam Wainwright injured his arm. He is being flown to St.Louis for an MRI. Wainwright has requested MRI results to Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles for a second opion, according to Derrick Goold. I has been suggested his injury may require Tommy John surgery. This maybe … Continue reading Wainwright Out with Injury

Drew Baur Passes Away

Drew Baur co-owner of the Cardinals died this morning in Jupiter, Fl. He had a massive heart attack. I remember back in 1995 when DeWitt and Company bought the Cardinals. As I watched the news about the Cardinals new owners when the story broke, it was fun to see Baur wearing Cardinal Red and smoking … Continue reading Drew Baur Passes Away

Jimmy Baseball Retires

I found out this afternoon that my favorite centerfielder is retiring due to a nagging injury he has with his foot. “As much as I regret this announcement, I feel that it is for the best,” Edmonds said in the statement.Edmonds finished as a career .284 hitter with 393 home runs and 1,199 runs batted … Continue reading Jimmy Baseball Retires

Possible Pujols Contract Compromise?…by a Concern Cardinal Fan

Possible Pujols Contract Compromise?--Just "Throwing" It Out There                                      (A concerned bystander's attempt to offer a creative option)As the silence grows deafening, and the "deadline" looms, consider this my effort to offer both sides something that, if not quite to their tastes, is at least creative and in the spirit of compromise.The Pujols' camp line:Though the … Continue reading Possible Pujols Contract Compromise?…by a Concern Cardinal Fan

Things Are Not Looking Good………..

USA Today is reporting that the Cardinals did offer Pujols a contract offer recently. Well team Pujols rejected the offer. It is also being reported that he will cease all talks with the Cardinals on Wednesday(16)Is it possible to get the contract talks done by the 16th?  I say no. This situation doesn't look to … Continue reading Things Are Not Looking Good………..

Holiday Willing to Defer Money

God Bless Matt Holiday! When I heard he would defer some of his contract in order to sign Pujols, I was speechless. What a class act Holiday is. This story came out this morning on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio 101.1. Here is the rest of the story written by Derrick Goold:St. … Continue reading Holiday Willing to Defer Money

Spring Training State of Mind

With catchers and pitchers reporting this Sunday, I am beginning to get a little stir crazy. With 17 degree weather with ice and snow still on the ground I am ready for Spring Training. It is nice to see that Dave Duncan arriving to camp on Sunday. He is ready to begin hs task to observe … Continue reading Spring Training State of Mind

Michael Young Demands to be Traded

Michael Young has asked the Texas Rangers to trade him, a request the AL champions are willing to oblige for their career hits leader who is unhappy about his changing role.General manager Jon Daniels, however, said "nothing is imminent" and that the Rangers would trade Young only if they could improve the team in doing … Continue reading Michael Young Demands to be Traded

My Take on Pujols Future with the Cardinals

I have been holding back my thoughts and feelings on Pujols and his contract status due to hoping it will work out sometime soon. Well here we are eleven days away from Albert's deadline, Feb. 15. How is this going to end, a ugly mess? No contract in place and one full season away from becoming a free … Continue reading My Take on Pujols Future with the Cardinals