Media Day at Busch Stadium

Today was the first Media Day of the year with Bloogers and Tweeters. It was a fabulous day for the Cardinals too. The Cards finally won and beat the Padres 2-0. Garcia threw a four hit shut out. Todays game was the second fastest in the history of Busch Stadium III.
This afternoons Media Day started out with a Q&A with John Mozeliak. He was quite candid in regards to some of the questions but standoffish when questions where asked about Brendan Ryan. It was asked with the way Theriot was playing if he missed Ryan at all. He danced around that question with a giggle.
During the Q&A with Mo, his cell phone went off at least two times. I was wondering if the call had to do with Allen Craig? This afternoon Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that a few AL teams are inquiring about Allen Craig. He appears on some teans radar as having a good bat with speed.
We got to stay in the Jack Buck room this afternoon. The food was spectacular. They had shredded pork, bar-b-cue ribs and three types of hotdogs. We also had wireless feed in order for us to blog.
The view was also great. There was also TVs around the room and deck.
This was a A-1 day.

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