Where Are You David Eckstein?

In 2011 David Eckstein is not playing baseball but he is working for his wife actress Ashley Drane. Eckstein was a prototypical Cardinal player that had spirit and played hard. Its hard for me to believe he is not playing for any team. He had mentioned that a team was interested in him but he turned it down, it was for a minor league deal. At this point I would think the Cardinals may be calling for his services. His numbers have dropped but he still has grit and speed.

Funny how the actual MLB teams don’t seem to have quite the same appreciation for that “value” as reporters do. Eckstein made just $850,000 in 2009 and $1 million last season, hitting .263 with a .652 OPS in 252 total games for the Padres. DiGiovanna says “it appeared several teams focused on Eckstein’s statistics, which are not overwhelming.” Imagine that.

Officially Eckstein is not retired and plans for a comeback in 2012.

Source: NBC Sports

                                                                 Ashley Drane-Eckstein             

Currently Ashley is doing voice overs for animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Goodbye Ryan Franklin

Well it finally happened. I saw it coming. I feel bad for Franklin but he had a good career. He went from being a starter to bullpen and then blossomed as a reliever. The four years he spent here he accomplished 84 saves and a All Star appearance in 2009.

Here’s the rest of the story:
Tony La Russa and the Cardinals did whatever they could to keep Ryan Franklin around despite the former closer’s struggles this season, using him in the lowest of low-leverage situations and often avoiding bringing him into home games so the St. Louis crowd couldn’t shower him with boos.

Last night’s ugly outing was apparently the final straw, however, as Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that the Cardinals have released Franklin.
During his first four Cardinals seasons Franklin saved 83 games with a 3.04 ERA while allowing just 262 hits in 285 innings. This season he was 1-for-5 converting saves with an 8.46 ERA and .367 opponents’ batting average, serving up a remarkable nine home runs in just 27 innings.
Franklin allowed 11 runs in his final six appearances and at age 38 will almost surely have to settle for a minor-league deal if he wants to continue pitching.

NBC Sports

Curt Flood Documentary on HBO

The game of baseball wouldn’t be what it is today without the efforts of one man — Curt Flood. In October 1969, Flood was named in a 7-player trade with the Phillies. He refused, challenging baseball’s “reserve clause” stating the team has the power over the players after their contract expires.
Eventually the clause was removed. But the fight destroyed Flood’s personal life and baseball career, but it lead to free agency as we know it today. Now HBO is chronicling the “Curious Case of Curt Flood” in a new documentary to air on July 13. Curt’s youngest son Scott Flood is also working on a documentary on his dad for the past ten years. His daughter Shelly is also fighting to get her dad into the Hall of Fame. Curt Flood appeared as a All-Star in 64′, 66′ and 68′. Seven time gold glover. That’s Hall of Fame worthy.


Cardinals and Padres to make a deal.

This morning SI.com reporting that the Cardinals are trying to land Heath Bell and Jason Bartlett. Bell has been a name that’s been popping up on my blog several times. This trade may include our minor league players in order to land both of these players. I imagine the Cards would move Theriot to second base to have Bartlett at second. Bartlett is currently hitting .249 with 1 HR and 21 RBI. Has a great defensive glove but he is having a sub par offensive year.Would love to have both of these players but I don’t want to give up the farm to do so. This may be a development to keep your eyes on.

Cardinals sign Kolton Wong!

                      Kolten Wong will receive a $1.5 million signing bonus and is headed to Quad CitiesHere is the rest of the story:

Former University of Hawaii baseball player Kolten Wong agreed to his first professional baseball contract with the team that drafted him, the St. Louis Cardinals.The Cardinals drafted Wong in the first round two weeks ago as the 22nd overall selection.Wong is leaving Hilo for St. Louis to sign his contract. The full terms of the contract have not been released, but KITV4 Sports has learned that Wong will receive a $1.5 million signing bonus.After signing his contract, Wong will head to Quad City, Iowa, for his assignment with the River Bandits, a minor league team in the Cardinals’ farm system.The Kamehameha School Hawaii graduate was named to the Western Athletic Conference’s All-WAC team three times.

Source: KITV.com

Mark Cuban Intrested in buying the Dodgers, maybe?

ESPN is reporting that Mark Cuban has an interest in buying the Dodgers. Cuban also knows that the team is in a financial mess and might be hard to fix.
This week MLB rejected a proposed $3 billion television deal between the Dodgers and Fox. Cash from that deal was fundamental to the divorce settlement between owner Frank McCourt and his ex-wife, Jamie. The settlement is now scuttled, putting the future of the franchise in limbo.
Whenever any team is about to go up for sale, Cuban’s name comes up. He says that he “looked at the Rangers. I looked at the Cubs.” But to him, the Dodgers’ financial woes are more of a hurdle.

  Cuban still has a desire to own an MLB franchise might be too strong to resist owning even a financially troubled outfit like the Dodgers.
“If the deal is right and they’re fixable, then I’m very interested,” he said.
One of the issues that Cuban sees with the team is how McCourt has structured the franchise.
“He’s got his parking lots and he’s got this and that — all these sub-corporations. So who knows what’s included,” Cuban said.
For now, he just waits like everyone else to see what MLB does to deal with the situation. He believes the wait could last awhile.
“They (MLB) might just take it back and decide not to sell it for a while, right, because they’re not stupid, either,” Cuban said. “They might say we’ll take it back, we’ll fix it up some, and clean up some of the mess and then we’ll sell it then.         Source: ESPN

Cards Release Batista

I saw this coming but didn’t know when it will exactly happen. Last night after the blow out I had a bad feeling his days are numbered. This afternoon the Cardinals released Miguel and brought up Lance Lynn.
Batista, 40, made 26 appearances for the Cardinals after making the team as a non-roster invitee to Spring Training. He allowed 27 hits in 29 1/3 innings, striking out 16 against 19 walks. He has struggled mightily in recent weeks, allowing 14 runs and 11 walks in 13 1/3 innings over his past 12 appearances since mid-May.I had high hopes for him, but now is the time to deal with our bullpen before things get even worse. I believe some trades or moves will be made in the next two weeks.

Would Zambrano become a Cardinal?

With Carlos Zambrano’s popping up lately as potential trade bait for the Yankees, it turned out that the Yanks are not interested in Carlos. Since hearing this news I began to think would Zambrano waive his no trade clause to play for the Cardinals? I tend to think that the Cards would use one of their chips to make a trade like this to help their starting pitching. It’s no secret that Zambrano and Molina are good friends. This is a plus. Carlos is a free agent after 2012. The Cubs would have to eat up most of his contract to make this happen. I have a feeling the Cubs would love to clean their hands of him even if its to the Cardinals. He currently has a 5-4 WL with a 5.49 ERA. Duncan and LaRussa would have to have a fail safe plan for Carlos if they are able to trade for him. I would say yes if we could make this deal. I love his intensity. Jose Oquendo would be a perfect in handling him. Could Zambrano balance out our pitching? I would say yes. Remember this is just a thought not a rumor.