Pujols gets 2,000th career Hit

So here I was sitting at home enjoying the Cardinals beating the Cubs. Impressed with Edwin Jackson’s pitching. My mind wanders and I begin to wish I was at the game, it was until the 8th inning that Albert Pujols hits a double off of Carlos Marmol and drives in a run for his 2000th career hit. Pujols become the fifth Cardinal to get over 2000th hits. He joins such Cardinal stars like Stan Musial (3,630), Lou Brock (2,713), Rogers Hornsby (2,110) and Enos Slaughter (2,063).

Current major league players with 2000 career hits include:

Derek Jeter: 3018
Ivan Rodriguez: 2842
Omar Vizquel: 2834
Alex Rodriguez: 2762
Johnny Damon: 2678
Chipper Jones: 2567
Vlad Guerrero: 2518
Ichiro Suzuki: 2361
Miquel Tejeda: 2358
Bobby Abreu: 2351
Todd Helton: 2334
Edgar Renteria: 2292
Jim Thome: 2249
Jason Kendall: 2195
Magglio Ordonez: 2122
Carlos Lee: 2076
Orlando Cabrera: 2027
Scott Rolen: 2005

I am glad I was able to experience this on television. Pujols is a gamer and will become part of Cardinal lore for years to come. Congrats Albert Pujols

source: AP


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