Top Five St.Louis Cardinal Stories of 2011

Number Five for me is the trade that sent Colby Rasmus along with Brian Tallett, Trever Miller, and P J Walters to the Toronto Bluejays for Mark Rzepczski, Corey Patterson, Octavio Dotel, and Edwin Jackson. At first I was upset with this trade, I believe we could of gotten better players. Little did I know the impact Jackson and Dotel had getting this team to the playoffs. I also feel that receiving Rzepczski is also a gem in the rough.

Number four was the signing of Lance Berkman. Taking a chance on this aging veteran was the spark plug this team needed to keep the Cardinals a contender. Lance got Comeback Player of the Year, what more can you say!


Number Three, Tony LaRussa Retires! He spent sixteen years as the manager and won two world series and one NL pennant but he began to stale in the last three years with the Cardinals. Was he gonna stay or go? Well he wanted to retire back in September but waited till after the World Series. What a way to go out on top.

Number Two, Albert bolt to Anaheim to become an Angel. Well more power to him as a DH.


                                                  Number One, Cardinals win World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                     


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