My Interview with Todd Thomas.

When we attend Cardinal Baseball games at Busch Stadium there are a few things that stand out in each home game. It is either a home run, a triple play, a perfect game or the antics of the Cardinals Emcee Todd Thomas.  I was able to chat with Todd Thomas recently about his time with the Cardinals and his thoughts about the Cardinals 2012 season.
A few things I did not know about Todd was that he has been working as an Emcee for the Cardinals for sixteen years. Todd grew up in a small Illinois town of Bement, according to Todd the population of Bement is now 1600. Todd’s graduating High School included only thirty two students. Another unknown fact is that Todd is also a business owner. He is the guy behind Porta Party DJ’s.  Some of his clients include Monsanto, Enterprise and Anheuser-Busch Inc.
First of all, thank you for taking some time out for this interview.
How in the world did you get a job as an emcee with the Cardinals, and how does one become an emcee?
Todd Thomas: Long answer:  Back when the Rams first moved here from LA, a friend of mine was asked to play the music during their home games.  He couldn’t because of contract issues with the radio station he worked for, so he suggested me.  The Rams ended up bringing a guy from LA to do that job the 1st year.  After the season was over, I called my initial contact to find out what their plans were for the following year.  Much to my excitement, they were glad I called and told me they were hiring someone local that week and were considering me.  Because I had no idea what that job would entail, I called the Blues and Cardinals to find out.  My conversation with the Cardinals went quite well.  The person I talked to was interested in me and all I did, and said he wanted to meet me.  That was a Monday.  He interviewed me on Wednesday.  Hired me on Friday.  And Opening Day was the following Monday.  I never did get a job with Rams, but I did get hired by the Blues as their in-game emcee after my 1st season with the Cardinals.  I did both for 8 years and quit after the hockey strike.  This will be my 16th season with the Cardinals, and I am so, so very excited that I’m getting a World Series ring this year.
Short answer:  I called them and they offered me a job.
I’ve always had a talent with the mic.  I started out majoring in Radio-TV in college, but I late switched to Communications.  I’m not quite sure how one becomes an emcee, but I can say that being witty, funny, professional, and timely are some key traits.  I’ve seriously given thought to starting an “Emcee School” to teach people the “dos” and “don’ts” of the business.  We shall see what happens with that.
I know you are a busy guy up in stands and all around Busch Stadium but do you get the chance to mingle with the ball players and if so who do you talk with most often?
Todd Thomas: Things have changed over the years.  Back in the day, at the old Busch Stadium, things were a lot different.  I had numerous encounters with players and remember Jim Edmonds trying to get me to tell him what door had the best prize behind it for one of our in-game promotions we’d do.  I think he was trying to get “insider information” and make a wager or two with some of the other players.  One of my favorite players was Mike Matheny, so I’m really glad he’s back with the team as the manager.  There doesn’t exist a nicer man in the world.  
Please tell us, what was one of your most embarrassing moments as an emcee?
Todd Thomas: One of craziest things that ever happened was back in 2004 in the post-season.  I was DJing/Emceeing at Paddy O’s after a game and a “little person” who demanded I called him “THE MIDGET” asked me to auction him off.  I did.  He brought $128 to a bachelor party that took him out with them for the night and into the wee hours of the morning.  The next day, two guys from the bachelor party came up to me and said they had one of the best times ever with the guy.  Later that day, “THE MIDGET” showed up and confirmed he had a wonderful time as well.  Who knew such things happen in real life?
Did I read this right that you are also an actor? Please tell us what we have might see you in.
Todd Thomas:  You haven’t seen me in much.  Most of what I’ve done has been more industrial work, but I recently was in a commercial for a bank that aired locally.
I would love to hear what your insights on the Cardinals upcoming season. With the addition of a new manager Mike Matheny and Carlos Beltran. How will the Cardinals fair this year?
Todd Thomas: I really like this team for 2012.  I’m no genius by saying this, but if we can stay healthy, I think we’ll blow through the NL Central (which isn’t really saying much).  The National League is lacking this year, while I think there are several American League teams that look incredible.  But, I clearly remember last year in August when there seemed to be 8,000 fans at a home game at Busch and most people thought we were done.  You never know!!
Well, thanks again Todd Thomas for your time. I will be looking forward to your antics once again down at Busch Stadium this year.

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