Cardinals To Retire LaRussa’s #10

Just when we may never see much of Tony LaRussa again, he pops up again. Recently Tony has been seen hunting down ex-Cardinal players from the 2011 World Series Champion Team to hand them their World Series ring. Today it has been announced that the St.Louis Cardinals will retire his jersey number , #10. Tony will definitely be voted in the Hall of Fame when he is eligible. During his sixteen year career with the St.Louis Cardinals he has amass 1408 wins and 1182 losses. He has three pennants and two world series with the Cardinals. These are definitely good numbers for a Hall of Famer.

I am happy for Tony but I keep thinking about Willie McGee.What about Willie’s number 51? Willie has spent about 13 years with the Cardinals. Willie has earned four appearances in All-Star Games and achieved a vote as an MVP in 1985. He also received three gold gloves in 1983-1985 and 1986. McGee also got the Silver Slugger Award in 1985. Willie McGee was a huge fan favorite despite his unorthodox swing. It wasn’t until 1990 that Cardinal Nation got hit by a huge surprise, “Willie McGee traded to the Oakland A’s for Daryl Green, Felix Jose and Stan Royer!” I was shocked by this trade, why would the GM trade such a popular Cardinal player? Willie defined how a Cardinal should play. He sacrificed himself to win a game. He was the heart beat of this team. Then in 1996 Walt Jocketty signed him as a free agent and he was finally back home. So if LaRussa’s number 10 will be retired then it is time for 51 to be placed right by Ozzie Smith’s # 1, it is the right thing to do.


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