Lil Musial Passes Away

I am sad to report that Stan Musial’s wife Lil had passed away tonight at the age of 91. Lillian “Lil” Musial was very active in the community. From her selfless work in organizing the Cardinals Pinch Hitters group to her more recent efforts to help homeless, runaway girls with the Covenant House, Lil was always helping others. Lil first met Stan after her father took her to see the Donora Zincs play in 1934.  The 15-year old Musial was pitching for the semi-pro baseball team at the time.  Stan and Lil became high school sweethearts.  They married in May of 1940. Lil leaves behind her children Richard, Gerry, Janet and Jean, and their eleven grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. She was such a huge part of Stan’s life as supportive wife and a big part of the Cardinal Family. God Bless the Musial Family, she will surely be missed.


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