Angels Fire Mickey Hatcher!

It was just announced that Angels Manager Jerry Dipoto addressed the media that the clubs batting coach Mickey Hatcher has been fired. Dipoto also added that it was time for a new blood since the team is struggling offensively. Hatcher will be replaced by Jim Eppely the triple A hitting coach. Word has it that Mike Sciocia was not present during Dipoto’s announcement. Hatcher and Sciocia  has been life long friends. I imagine that this must be hard for Mike to accept. Mickey has been the Angel’s batting coach for 13 years. I wonder if this is also connected to the problems Hatcher has been having personal problems with the struggling Albert Pujols. I have a hard time believing that Hatcher has something to do with Pujol’s .197 batting average. Albert only has 1 HR and 12 RBI’s. On the other hand the Angels other first baseman Mark Trumbo has 6 HRs 16 RBIs with a .330 batting average. Something smells fishy to me. I hate to see Hatcher go.

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