Cardinals Looking at Shields

There has possibly been some red flags going up down in Jupiter in regards to Jaime Garcia’s progress that has prompt the Cardinals sudden interest in James Shields. The Rays will ask for several minor league players in return. This deal would be similar to Zack Grienke’s trade to the Angels. Who would the Cardinals give up without selling the farm? I know one player they would like to move off their 40 man roster is Tyler Greene. At point Shelby Miller has been hands off when it comes to trades but lately the Cardinals may move him if the price is right. Another minor league player Tyrell Jenkins has been on the radar. Scouts from other teams have been watching  and taking note of him. I imagine that if the Cardinals have the right pieces for a trade to happen for Shields, he could be our answer. After 2012 Shields has an option in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 he has a $9M Team Option, $1.5M Buyout. In 2014 he has a $12M Team Option, $1M Buyout. The Cardinals have competition from other teams that would love to land Shields, among the teams are the Rangers, Dodgers, Braves, and Indians. The Cardinals have about 27 hours before the non-waiver wire runs out.

Trade Rumor: Cardinals & Angels

A possible trade rumor that also came my way yesterday afternoon has to do with Cardinals left-handed reliever Marc Rzepczynski for Angels centerfielder Peter Bourjos. I can see the Cardinals moving Marc now that they brought up Fuentes. Marc will probably not make it into the Cardinals rotation anytime soon. It has been believed that Rzepczynski wants to return as a starting pitcher than working relief. If this trade does happen, it would be a good upside for the Cardinals outfield. Bourjos is well known for his speed and his defensive skills, he was recognized by Baseball America in 2010 as the Angels best prospect. This years numbers are down but he would be a great combo player with Jon Jay. Bourjos is in the top three as best defensive outfielder in 2012 so far.

source: MLB

Cardinals Activate Fuentes

This morning the Cardinals finally decided to promote Brian Fuentes from the Springfield AA team for tonight’s debut as a Cardinal. This means that the Cardinals had to move Matheny’s man-crush Victor Marte to the AAA team. I like this move, we now have three lefties in the bullpen that also includes Marc Rzepczynski and Barret Browning. Fuentes will add more strength to the Cardinals Bullpen that needs much help. Brian has a very unique style of pitching. He confuses left handed hitters  when he pitches side arm, it is
difficult for hitters to pick up and keeps them off balance. Many batters, mainly left-handers, say the ball appears to be coming out of the sleeve of his jersey. His fastball clocks up to 92mph.

McBrayer Trade Rumors Report

For those of you that are wondering where is Joe and how come he isn’t blogging. Well my beloved laptop has bit the dust. Hopefully I will be back online to write about our favorite home town team The St.Louis
Cardinals. This morning I got word that several teams including the Cardinals have interest in this right handed man-mountain. The Giants seem to have a stronger interest more so than in any other team.

John Mozeliak has mentioned that he is interested in trading within the division as long he does not have to trade a top prospect. There is also payroll flexibility. He is also targeting bullpen help.

The Cardinals, Braves and Nationals are the only three teams that are interested in Ryan Dempster.

So it looks as if the Cardinals are looking for bullpen or starting pitchers as the trade deadline looms.