UCB Awards Dinner 2013

Its that time again when the United Cardinals Blogger met up in St.Louis for a weekend that includes a dinner, awards and stuff on Saturday and then a Media Event with a game on Sunday. Tonight was fun. It took place at Patrick’s restaurant formerly known as Pujol’s 5. Nestled in the Westport Plaza area Patrick’s is considered a great venue that shows off St.Louis sports memorabilia. The statue of Albert Pujols that stands in front of Patricks is a permanent fixture that won’t go away. It is best used as a hat and coat rack. As I walked into the banquet room I noticed all of the old Pujols 5 restaurant chairs that had the #5 carved through them. I was thinking since our St.Louis Blues defensive player Barret Jackman’s jersey number is 5 maybe they could spray Jackman on the back of the chair. Anyway it was a fun night. Got to see old friends like Bill and Angela Ivie, Daniel Shoptaw and Dathan Brooks. As usual receive some swag from the Rains brothers from the StLSportsPage.com. Cara VonderBruegge also stopped by to promote St.Louis  Startup Bonfyre. Bonfyre is described as photo sharing, chat and text app for your phone. The nice thing is its private. No one can crash your group unless they are invited. The other product that was introduced was BlitzCorner Network. This is a network of sports sites that cover sports trivia, rank’em and pick’em. Look for BlitzCorner Network to be added to my blog site sometime soon. The only downer for this event was that the Cardinals lost to the Pirates 5-3. Tomorrow will be Media Day at Busch Stadium. The UCB will be there for a special Q&A with John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt III.


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