Wacha Wants to Stay!!!!!

Just saw a little factoid for tonights game. Michael Wacha is the 5th Cardinal Rookie to start a game since 2002. The Cardinals had to option Michael Blazek to the Memphis team to make room for Wacha. What’s amazing to me is the fact that Wacha was last years 19th pick for the Cardinals. He has been major league ready since the start of this years Spring Training. His mind set has been described by other coaches as a very mature starting pitcher. Wacha actually drove from Memphis to St.Louis Wednesday morning. When he arrived he was swarmed by reporters. It looks as if he was ready for the scripted banter between Wacha and the media but when we was asked if his trip to the majors was going to be a short stay he responded, “I’m here to stay”. You have to love this kids optimism. He comes to us with a 4-0 record with the Memphis team. He has an 2.05ERA in nine starts. I have a feeling that tonight’s Neilsens ratings will be high for Fox Mid West Sports tonight. This is a must watch game as Wacha goes against Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie.

source: MLB

Here Comes Wacha!!!!

This morning I was listening to MLB XM on the radio and was so surprise to hear them announce that Michael Wacha will start this Thursday against the Kansas City Royals. My first reaction was…..no way!!! are they joking? Well it is for real. With Gast out on the disable list Wacha will take his place. Here is the background on Wacha, The 6-foot-6, 210-pound Wacha was the Cardinals’ first-round draft pick and the 19th overall selection last year out of Texas A&M. He’s 4-0 with a 2.05 ERA that leads the Pacific Coast League in nine starts for Triple-A Memphis, holding opponents to a .187 batting average in his first full pro season. I hope Wacha can help out. I know Westbrook is out for at least month but Chris Carpenter may make a come back later in July. So Cardinals fans lets support Wacha’s efforts. Pitching against the Royals should be an easy win for him.

Garcia Out for the rest of the Season

Will it finally happened. Garcia will have season ending surgery for his torn labrum in his left shoulder this Friday. Last year Garcia sought out an alternative for his issue. He didn’t want surgery. Instead he did rehab and strengthening  before spring training. Last year three different doctors recommended Garcia to have surgery. Well with Garcia out what will the Cardinals do to fill in the gap. Will Chris Carpenter fill in to start instead of middle relief. Or will the organization finally give in and bring up Michael Wacha. Right now in Memphis Wacha has a 4-0 record with an 2.05 ERA. I guess this will be a wait and see situation. The Cards could also wait till trade deadline for a rent a pitcher from someone out there.

24th Annual Cardinals Care Golf Tournament

Registration is underway for the Ted Savage RBI Golf Classic that will be held Tuesday, June 11th at
Forest Park Golf Course in St. Louis.

                The 24th annual tournament hosted by Cardinals Care, was recently renamed the “Ted Savage RBI Golf Classic” as a tribute to former Cardinal Ted Savage who started the tournament to help kids in the St. Louis community who participate in the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) Program. RBI is a Major League Baseball youth outreach program designed to increase participation in baseball among underserved youth, encourage academic achievement and preparation, promote greater inclusion of minorities into the game, and teach the value of teamwork.

                “Ted Savage is the perfect ambassador for RBI — a living model for everything the program strives to achieve,” said Michael Hall, Vice President of Community Relations and Executive Director of Cardinals Care. “Ted grew up locally playing baseball in his neighborhood before embarking on a successful career in baseball as a player and front office executive.”

                The golf classic promises an impressive roster of celebrity participants including the likes of Whitey Herzog, Lou Brock, Andy Benes, and several other former Cardinals Players. The tournament starts at 9 a.m. and features first, second, and third place teams in each round. In addition to breakfast, lunch, beer, soda and snacks, each participant will go home with a goody bag.  For sponsorship information, registration or other information, please contact Cardinals Care at (314) 345-9418 or visit cardinals.com/rbigolf.

                Cardinals Care was established to give fans a way of teaming up with Cardinals players and the Cardinals organization to help children in our community – both on and off the baseball field.   Since it was established in 1997, Cardinals Care has invested $19 million in helping children, including providing $11 million in grants to over 800 non-profit youth organizations, and building 20 youth ball fields in neighborhoods in both Missouri and Illinois. In 2013, Cardinals Care celebrates the 10th anniversary of the innovative Redbird Rookies program, a free baseball league for kids who otherwise might not have the opportunity to play. In addition to providing all the uniforms, gloves, bats, balls and other equipment needed for each team, Redbird Rookies also provides extensive off-field support in the areas of health, education, mentoring and the cultural arts for each of the nearly 4,500 kids who participate in the program each year. 
Media Alert from the St. Louis Cardinals

What? Chris Carpenter a reliever?

The St.Louis Cardinals Bullpen has turned into a soap opera, “As the Bullpen Turns”. With some movement on who is out and in we have seen Mark Rzepczynski sent to the minors and Seth Maness brought up. Then the next blow was Mitchell Boggs knocked down to Memphis for Carlos Martinez and Jason Motte finally concedes to getting Tommy John surgery. I just happen to love seeing Martinez up, he does have a lot of upside to bring to this bullpen thats in trouble. Well guess who is back in the picture, Chris Carpenter. Yesterday I had heard via Joe Strauss that Carpenter may return to the mound as a reliever. I thought he was done with baseball due to his injuries. According to John Mozeliak, Carp is feeling good. Chris is currently on the 60 day disable list so if he does return to help the bullpen it would be late June or early July. This is must see drama. Will Carpenter make it back as a Cardinal pitcher before the final curtain is closed. Will Boggs find his groove again and will Wigginton ever find acceptance from the UCB bloggers? Time will tell.