A Few Must Have Items for Cardinals Hall of Fame.

With the recent activities with Ball Park Village, the development is happening. With the plan in place of a actual building for the Cardinals Museum I began to wonder what this museum may need along with the other artifacts. The first thing the Cardinals need to do is to drag out the Mark McGwire statue that remains hidden somewhere in Missouri. McGwire is a part of the Cardinals history, like it or not. It was a time that brought in a new excitement for the Cardinal team. Since McGwire has left to become a Hitting Coach for the Dodgers I would still love to see his statue dusted off and get its on home in the new Cardinal Hall of Fame building.


                  This is a small copy of the original statue that was made by Harry Weber.

Another great item that comes to mind is wall dedicated with the busts of the Cardinals players that had their jersey number retired. This would be a great dedication for those that meant so much to the typical Cardinals fans.

I would also love to see the Wall of World Series Cardnals Champs that appeared on plaques outside of Busch Stadium II. I have always wondered if these iron plaques are still around, if so we need to put them up in the new Hall of Fame building.

Molina Frog Leaps Over Posey for All-Star Spot

As of June 23, 2013 I had just heard that Yadi Molina had finally passed Buster Posey in votes for this years All-Star Game. I just hope the votes keep him above Posey. At this time Molina is at 3,596,858 and Posey is at 3,506,402. At this point in the season Molina is having a better year than Posey in hitting and defense. Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran holds the lead at this time for starting outfielder for the All-Star Game. Another surprise is Matt Carpenter. He is still very much in the mix at second base with 2,251,248 votes. Carpenter, who is tied for an NL-best 29 multi-hit games, needs help to catch the Reds’ Brandon Phillips (2,597,742) and the Giants’ Marco Scutaro (2,272,484). So us Cardinals fans need to keep voting to get Carpenter in as our starting second baseman for the All-Star Game. Voting results will be announced on July 6.

source: MLB

Marco Gonzalez Close to Signing with Cardinals.

A week ago today the Cardinals drafted Marco Gonzalez a pitcher/first baseman from Gonzaga. The reports that are coming in has both parties close to an agreement. It was also reported that he will be getting a $1.85 signing bonus once the negoitations for his contract is over. Gonzalez will be in St.Louis next week to take his physical before all the paper work is done and signed off on. I have heard that this kid is eager to get his career with the Cardinals going. Hopefully he will shine like Wacha did in the minor leagues and gets called up soon.

David Freese Imo’s Spokesman

I refrain from making jokes from this small bit of news. I think it’s great that Freese has a great appetite to chow down on some Imo’s. According to a recent article in the St.Louis Biz Talk, Freese frequents the Imo’s in Ballwin all the time. Well here I the whole article on the business venture that had brought Freese and the Ino’s Franchise together:

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese has signed a three-year contract with Imo’s Pizza to promote the local pizza chain. The contract began June 1.
President Margie Imo told the St. Louis Business Journal that the pizza chain reached out to Freese following his MVP-award-winning 2011 season. Freese, who at the time said he loved eating pizza, is a frequent customer at the Imo’s location in Ballwin, Imo said.
“It seemed to be a natural fit,” Imo said.
MSW Marketing, which has held Imo’s marketing account for 20 years, will produce about four TV spots featuring Freese. They’ll broadcast sometime in mid-July. Promotions also include radio, print and digital spots in addition to meet-and-greet events. Ed Musen, a partner at MSW Marketing, said Freese will receive free Imo’s pizza during the extent of his three-year contract.
Imo’s officials also announced plans to donate $10,000 to Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis, an organization that helps children with disabilities.
Imo’s Pizza is led by President Margie Imo and CEO Ed Imo. The company employs about 5,400 employees and posted revenue of $96.6 million in 2012.

source: Matthew Hibbard

Does Freese have a Future with the Cardinals?

David Freese has been a topic of discussion amongst my friends at work in regards to his future with the Cardinals. This year Freese will make $3.15 MM and should get a raise in arbitration during the off season. I tend to think for being a popular hometown hero that won the MVP Award for the 2011 World Series he just might be traded in order to bring someone else into his role. Well today Ken Rosenthal reported a hunch I had for quite a while. He reported that he thinks the Cardinals may trade Freese during the offseason and move Matt Carpenter over to third base and finally bring up Kolten Wong that is the heir apparent to the second baseman position. The Cardinal Fan Base would have a heart attack if this would happen but think about it. Cardinal Nation’s favorite short stop for a few short years was David Eckstein. Just like Freese, Eckstein was the MVP for 2006 World Series. He also appeared in two All Star Games as a Cardinal in 2005 and 2006. In 2007 Eckstein left the Cardinals as a Free Agent and landed with the Bluejays. Seems like the fans weren’t that concerned when the Cardinals let him walk, but was that the issue? I think they didn’t want to pay him what he deserved. Ok back to David Freese. Matt Carpenter would be a cheaper way to go since he is making $504,000 and won’t be arbitration eligible till 2015. Plus who would they get if they traded Freese, a front line pitcher? a starting position player? or something more valuable upper tier rookies. I am sure this is a discussion that may find some fans unbearable to think about. I really think the front office is projecting Kolten Wong to become the next big second baseman since Tommy Herr. I would go for that.

Source; Ken Rosenthal

Cardinals 2013 Draft Results

                                                                     Marco Gonzalez

This years MLB draft was fun to watch. There is a lot of young talent that could be full fledge starters with a year or two. A few polished players I have noticed that has that kind of talent includes Mark Appel (Astros) and Clint Frazier (Indians). Others of notice include Dominic Smith (Mets) and JP Crawford (Phillies). JP Crawford happens to be cousins with Carl Crawford. JP also is a product of the inner city baseball program in Los Angeles, CA.  So lets talk about the Cardinals draft picks. It was nice to see them pick two Left Handed Pitchers for their 18th and 28th picks. Last time the Cards picked a LHP in the draft was back in 1994 when they drafted Bret Wagner out of Lake Forrest University out of North Carolina. This years first round pick was Marco Gonzalez. Gonzalez also has skills in the outfield and at first base. Marco throws a fastball that tops out at 92 MPH but his specialty is the heater. Cardinals # 28 pick was Rob Kaminsky. The St. Joseph left-hander from Englewood Cliffs the first Bergen County player taken directly out of high school in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft. In the second round of the draft the Cardinals picked Oscar Mercado a shortstop that attends High School in Tampa, FL. This is what Baseball Prospectus has to say about Mercado: Smooth actions in the field and one of the few true shortstop profiles in the draft class. Mercado projects to stay at short, but has shuffled around some this summer to accommodate the showcase format and has looked strong across the three-, four- and five-spots. He needs to add strength, but currently shows an ability to produce good backspin in batting practice and maintains a solid swing plane in-game that keeps the barrel in the zone. He’s an excellent baserunner whose instincts and aggression allow his average speed to play way up. Overall the Cardinals made a good splash in the first round. With two Lefthanders I wonder if this has anything to do with Jaime Garcia’s injuries and mental state. Drafting Mercado also helps the team with the glaring hole problem they have at this position. Hopefully no more revolving door at the shortstop position.hts out LHP, Easy FB up to 94 mph and an absolute hammer to go with it. ights out LHP, Easy FB up to 94 mph and an absolute hammer to go with it.

Cardinals on Cliff Lee’s Radar?

Amongst all the major league baseball rumors I read about, I seem to like this one the most. A twelve year veteran with an overall record of 132-80 and a 3.54 that tags along with that average why not consider this trade. Currently he has a 7-2 record with a 2.34 ERA. With the Phillies record of 30-30  they are having a sub par season so far. Since Lee has value the Phillies could upgrade some of their glaring problems. According to Paul Morosi the Cardinals are not on his no trade list an he yes he does have interest in playing with the Cardinals. The other big perk for Lee if he could play for the Cardinals is that his home is in Arkansas. The question is does the Cardinals need an ace, I would say yes. With Jaime Garcia out for the rest of the season and Westbrook out for another month the Cardinals have made it through with Joe Kelly, Michael Wacha, and Tyler Lyons. I tend to think in order for the Cardinals to dominate the NL Central they need Cliff Lee. The Cardinals have such a rich depth in pitching in which they could part ways with players like Joe Kelly, Mark Rezcpinski and Matt Adams. Morosi also noted that the Cardinals are not in the market for a pitcher but they could change their minds.

Source: Paul Morosi

McBrayer Draft Day Report: 2013

If you all didn’t know today is Draft Day. MLB Network will air the draft at 7:00pm CT. Tonight’s draft will cover the first round and first compensation of 2013 MLB Draft. Friday and Saturdays draft will be covered online on MLB.com. This year the Cardinals have # 19 and their compensation is at # 28. When Pujols left last year as a free agent the Cardinals drafted Michael Wacha which is now a starting pitcher on the Cardinals roster. Now that’s big! This year Kyle Lohse left as a free agent, so I wonder who we would draft as a compensation. So who might the Cardinals might be looking at for todays draft. I tend to think they will go with another top notch pitcher for # 19, that will be major league ready in two years. Here are a hand full of players I think the Cardinals just might draft…..maybe.

Chris Anderson
RHP  Jacksonville University
6’4   225 Ilbs

Tim Anderson
SS East Central High School (MS)
6’1    180 Ilbs

Eric Jaglieo
3B Notre Dame
6’3 215 Ilbs

Sean Manaea
LHP Indiana State
6’5 215 Ilbs

This years budget covers the first 10 rounds of the draft. The money allotted to a specific pick does not have to be used there, though: if a team wants to draft a player who can be signed for less than the recommendation, they can, and they could then use the “extra” money leftover on a player who is more expensive than the recommendation. Here is the list of the thirty teams and their draft budget.

Team Picks Team Total
Astros 10 $11,698,800
Cubs 10 $10,556,500
Rockies 11 $10,199,400
Marlins 12 $9,503,100
Pirates 11 $8,884,600
Royals 11 $8,290,700
Twins 10 $8,264,400
Yankees 12 $7,957,400
Diamondbacks 11 $7,229,600
Mets 11 $6,990,000
Cardinals 11 $6,907,900
Red Sox 10 $6,830,200
Padres 11 $6,808,900
Rays 11 $6,694,900
Rangers 11 $6,553,800
Tigers 11 $6,467,400
Blue Jays 10 $6,398,200
Orioles 11 $6,387,900
Indians 9 $6,188,800
Mariners 10 $6,132,700
Reds 11 $6,046,700
Phillies 11 $6,045,100
Athletics 12 $6,036,800
White Sox 10 $5,301,600
Dodgers 10 $5,211,700
Giants 10 $4,712,200
Braves 10 $4,522,300
Brewers 10 $3,944,600
Angels 9 $2,998,200
Nationals 9 $2,737,200

Draft Order

  • 1. Houston Astros
  • 2. Chicago Cubs
  • 3. Colorado Rockies
  • 4. Minnesota Twins
  • 5. Cleveland Indians
  • 6. Miami Marlins
  • 7. Boston Red Sox
  • 8. Kansas City Royals
  • 9. Pittsburgh Pirates (M. Appel – unsigned)
  • 10. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 11. New York Mets
  • 12. Seattle Mariners
  • 13. San Diego Padres
  • 14. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 15. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 16. Philadelphia Phillies
  • 17. Chicago White Sox
  • 18. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 19. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 20. Detroit Tigers
  • 21. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 22. Baltimore Orioles
  • 23. Texas Rangers
  • 24. Oakland Athletics
  • 25. San Francisco Giants
  • 26. New York Yankees
  • 27. Cincinnati Reds
  • <!–Teams receiving picks for free agents (in parentheses) who signed with another team. The signing team forfeited its first pick, unless it had one of the first 10 picks in the first round, in which case, it forfeited its second pick.


  • 28. St. Louis Cardinals (K. Lohse)1
  • 29. Tampa Bay Rays (B.J. Upton)2
  • 30. Texas Rangers (J. Hamilton)3
  • 31. Atlanta Braves (M. Bourn)4
  • 32. New York Yankees (N. Swisher)5
  • 33. New York Yankees (R. Soriano)6
  • 1 Signed with the Brewers, who forfeited their first-round pick (No. 17 overall)

    2 Signed with the Braves, who forfeited their first-round pick (No. 28 overall)

    3 Signed with the Angels, who forfeited their first-round pick (No. 22 overall)

    4 Signed with the Indians, who forfeited their Competitive Balance Round B pick (No. 69 overall)

    5 Signed with the Indians, who forfeited their second-round pick (No. 43 overall)

    6 Signed with the Nationals, who forfeited their first-round pick (No. 29 overall)

    Source MLB/ Baseball America


    Molina gets a One Day Suspension

    I just love this picture. This is why you have your brother on the same team. He will have your back or hold your back when the going gets tough. Word just came in that Yadier Molina will receive a one day suspension for the alteration with Umpire Clint Fagan. Molina will appeal the suspension, for now he will be playing in tonight’s game with the Diamondbacks. It is not known as of yet if Manager Mike Matheny will get fined or not for his comments towards the umpires. We will have to wait and see.