Cardinals on Cliff Lee’s Radar?

Amongst all the major league baseball rumors I read about, I seem to like this one the most. A twelve year veteran with an overall record of 132-80 and a 3.54 that tags along with that average why not consider this trade. Currently he has a 7-2 record with a 2.34 ERA. With the Phillies record of 30-30  they are having a sub par season so far. Since Lee has value the Phillies could upgrade some of their glaring problems. According to Paul Morosi the Cardinals are not on his no trade list an he yes he does have interest in playing with the Cardinals. The other big perk for Lee if he could play for the Cardinals is that his home is in Arkansas. The question is does the Cardinals need an ace, I would say yes. With Jaime Garcia out for the rest of the season and Westbrook out for another month the Cardinals have made it through with Joe Kelly, Michael Wacha, and Tyler Lyons. I tend to think in order for the Cardinals to dominate the NL Central they need Cliff Lee. The Cardinals have such a rich depth in pitching in which they could part ways with players like Joe Kelly, Mark Rezcpinski and Matt Adams. Morosi also noted that the Cardinals are not in the market for a pitcher but they could change their minds.

Source: Paul Morosi


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