Cardinals 2013 Draft Results

                                                                     Marco Gonzalez

This years MLB draft was fun to watch. There is a lot of young talent that could be full fledge starters with a year or two. A few polished players I have noticed that has that kind of talent includes Mark Appel (Astros) and Clint Frazier (Indians). Others of notice include Dominic Smith (Mets) and JP Crawford (Phillies). JP Crawford happens to be cousins with Carl Crawford. JP also is a product of the inner city baseball program in Los Angeles, CA.  So lets talk about the Cardinals draft picks. It was nice to see them pick two Left Handed Pitchers for their 18th and 28th picks. Last time the Cards picked a LHP in the draft was back in 1994 when they drafted Bret Wagner out of Lake Forrest University out of North Carolina. This years first round pick was Marco Gonzalez. Gonzalez also has skills in the outfield and at first base. Marco throws a fastball that tops out at 92 MPH but his specialty is the heater. Cardinals # 28 pick was Rob Kaminsky. The St. Joseph left-hander from Englewood Cliffs the first Bergen County player taken directly out of high school in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft. In the second round of the draft the Cardinals picked Oscar Mercado a shortstop that attends High School in Tampa, FL. This is what Baseball Prospectus has to say about Mercado: Smooth actions in the field and one of the few true shortstop profiles in the draft class. Mercado projects to stay at short, but has shuffled around some this summer to accommodate the showcase format and has looked strong across the three-, four- and five-spots. He needs to add strength, but currently shows an ability to produce good backspin in batting practice and maintains a solid swing plane in-game that keeps the barrel in the zone. He’s an excellent baserunner whose instincts and aggression allow his average speed to play way up. Overall the Cardinals made a good splash in the first round. With two Lefthanders I wonder if this has anything to do with Jaime Garcia’s injuries and mental state. Drafting Mercado also helps the team with the glaring hole problem they have at this position. Hopefully no more revolving door at the shortstop position.hts out LHP, Easy FB up to 94 mph and an absolute hammer to go with it. ights out LHP, Easy FB up to 94 mph and an absolute hammer to go with it.


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