Does Freese have a Future with the Cardinals?

David Freese has been a topic of discussion amongst my friends at work in regards to his future with the Cardinals. This year Freese will make $3.15 MM and should get a raise in arbitration during the off season. I tend to think for being a popular hometown hero that won the MVP Award for the 2011 World Series he just might be traded in order to bring someone else into his role. Well today Ken Rosenthal reported a hunch I had for quite a while. He reported that he thinks the Cardinals may trade Freese during the offseason and move Matt Carpenter over to third base and finally bring up Kolten Wong that is the heir apparent to the second baseman position. The Cardinal Fan Base would have a heart attack if this would happen but think about it. Cardinal Nation’s favorite short stop for a few short years was David Eckstein. Just like Freese, Eckstein was the MVP for 2006 World Series. He also appeared in two All Star Games as a Cardinal in 2005 and 2006. In 2007 Eckstein left the Cardinals as a Free Agent and landed with the Bluejays. Seems like the fans weren’t that concerned when the Cardinals let him walk, but was that the issue? I think they didn’t want to pay him what he deserved. Ok back to David Freese. Matt Carpenter would be a cheaper way to go since he is making $504,000 and won’t be arbitration eligible till 2015. Plus who would they get if they traded Freese, a front line pitcher? a starting position player? or something more valuable upper tier rookies. I am sure this is a discussion that may find some fans unbearable to think about. I really think the front office is projecting Kolten Wong to become the next big second baseman since Tommy Herr. I would go for that.

Source; Ken Rosenthal


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