A Few Must Have Items for Cardinals Hall of Fame.

With the recent activities with Ball Park Village, the development is happening. With the plan in place of a actual building for the Cardinals Museum I began to wonder what this museum may need along with the other artifacts. The first thing the Cardinals need to do is to drag out the Mark McGwire statue that remains hidden somewhere in Missouri. McGwire is a part of the Cardinals history, like it or not. It was a time that brought in a new excitement for the Cardinal team. Since McGwire has left to become a Hitting Coach for the Dodgers I would still love to see his statue dusted off and get its on home in the new Cardinal Hall of Fame building.


                  This is a small copy of the original statue that was made by Harry Weber.

Another great item that comes to mind is wall dedicated with the busts of the Cardinals players that had their jersey number retired. This would be a great dedication for those that meant so much to the typical Cardinals fans.

I would also love to see the Wall of World Series Cardnals Champs that appeared on plaques outside of Busch Stadium II. I have always wondered if these iron plaques are still around, if so we need to put them up in the new Hall of Fame building.


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