Marc Rzepczynski traded to the Indians

This afternoon the Cardinals had made a move to bolster their bullpen by moving Marc Rzepczynski and Fernando Salas down to Memphis for Michael Blazek and Keith Butler. Well the Cardinals have been dangling Rezepczynski around and the Indians took bait and snagged him. The Cardinals got 20 year old Juan Herrera that’s with the Indians New York-Pennsylvania League. Juan is a second baseman by trade but also has experience at short stop and third base. He bats and throws right handed. He is also from the Dominican Republic.


                                                                      Juan Herrera

Carpenter’s Comeback has Ended


It was reported this morning that Chris Carpenter has halted his comeback due to feeling some numbness and tingling in his pitching hand. Carp says he also felt the numbness after an earlier rehab start for AA Springfield.
There is concern that pitching through those symptoms could trigger the nerve troubles which almost forced carpenter to retire in February.
The 38 year old Carpenter says for now everyone is going to back off try and figure out what`s going on.
Carpenter was scheduled to meet with the Cardinals team doctors last night.
For now, Carpenter is not expected to appear in any rehab games for at least a week.
There is no timetable for when Carpenter will pick up a baseball again.

Cardinals Make an offer for Alexi Ramirez

This just in!!  Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune just reported that the Whitesox rejected the Cardinals offer for Alexei Ramirez. The Cardinals were sending Carlos Martinez and anther minor league pitcher for Ramirez. Why wouldn’t the Whitesox pull the trigger for this trade? Carlos Martinez was ranked #3 in the St.Louis Cardinals 2012 season and was ranked #38 prospect by Baseball America in 2012. Martinez is known to have a high velocity fastball and curve ball. What more would the Whitesox want?! The kid is also 21 and on their major league roster, he wouldn’t be arbitration eligible till 2016 and a Free Agent till 2019. The Cardinals felt that Ramirez would fill the void they needed for a starting short stop. I guess Kozma was used as a band aid since the injury prone Rafeal Furcal faded out to have Tommy John surgery, plus this is Furcal’s last year. Ramirez would be a good fit for the Cardnals, he does provide speed on the bases, and puts up good RBI numbers. He is known to have a good bat for a short stop but his numbers have been down lately. If we were to land Ramirez we would have him for $95mil in 2014 and $10mil…with a team option in 2015. For the Whitesox to turn down Martinez they must be looking for some higher tier pitchers from the Cardinals. I wonder if the two teams would re-work this deal. I would love to have Ramirez as our short stop, he is ranked as a pretty good defensive player. Even though we do need a starting pitcher, I would still love to see Ramirez in Cardinal Red.


It looks like that this deal with Martinez for Ramirez is not accurate at all. The Cardinals did not make this offer at all but the Cardinals and Whitesox have been talking with one another. The Cardinals are in search for a starting pitcher. The Cardinals did have scouts out to watch Jake Peavy for sure but when it comes to short stops they did look at the Rockies, Indians and Orioles short stops over the winter to see what’s available. In conclusion the Martinez for Ramirez does not make sense at all. If the Cards where to trade Martinez they should be receiving more than just a 31 year old short stop with a declining batting average.

St.Louis Cardinals Targeting Jake Peavy

A few days ago I got word that their were Cardinals Scouts at the Whitesox/Braves game but were not sure who they were scouting. It was believed it was Jake Peavy they were scouting. So I began to wonder with Lance Lynn’s meltdown and a closed door meeting with Matheny maybe an indication it might be time to move Lance to the bullpen and search for a starting pitcher. Today Jon Heyman reported that the Cardinals and the Whitesox are the two main potential teams in play for Peavy. I wouldn’t mind Peavy to join the Cardinals as a veteran presence in the rotation. Then I came across some chatter on Chicago Talk Radio about trading with the Cardinals. It was suggested that the Cardinals would trade Freese, Kelly and Adams for Peavy and short stop Alexi Ramirez. I have a feeling that the Cards would rather not trade Adams of Freese, but I do know they are interested in Ramirez. I tend to think the Cardinals would offer Kelly and some lower tier pitchers for Peavy and Rameriz. We have seven more days till the trade deadline ends. We will wait and see.

Welcome to the Bigs Brock Peterson!

Last week I came across Rob Rain’s article on Brock Peterson that appeared on his website StL Sports Page. For me it was a wonderful read on this minor leaguer’s journey from the minor league system to the majors with the Cardinals. So I gracefully asked Rob Rains if I can feature his article here. I am glad to announce he let me run it here.

Brock Peterson’s trip to play in the Triple A All-Star game next week (update: it was last Wednesday) will vividly illustrate how far his baseball career has come in the past year.

One of two members of the Cardinals’ Memphis farm team selected to represent the Pacific Coast League for the July 17 game in Reno, Nevada, along with pitcher Michael Wacha, Peterson doesn’t have to think too hard to remember how far away he was from that honor just 12 months ago.

Last July, Peterson was playing in the independent Atlantic League, and the clubhouse of the Bridgeport Bluefish actually doubled as his apartment. His bedroom was a storage closet, which he shared with four of his teammates.

“There were 11 of us that lived in the clubhouse,” Peterson said Monday by telephone from Memphis. “They didn’t have enough host families for us and there really weren’t apartments for us to rent. Some of the guys would sleep in the suites. I had a little storage closet where me and four other guys set up cots and air mattresses.

“It’s not ideal but it actually was a lot of fun to be around the guys. It was a different experience that not a lot of other guys have had.”

Part of the experience included the animals that Peterson and his teammates saw in the clubhouse and around the stadium.

“We had skunks in there,” he said. “We had quite a few critters roaming around that stadium. It wasn’t the cleanest place.”

Peterson, now 29, is grateful for his independent ball experience, however, because it renewed his faith in baseball after some disappointing times during the eight years he played in the Minnesota organization.

After being released by the Twins following the 2010 season, Peterson did not sign with the Bridgeport team until June of 2011.

“I was away from the game for a couple of months, and that gives you a different perspective on everything,” Peterson said. “I was kind of over baseball, and then I had a couple of buddies talk me into playing Indy ball. Basically I was just bored at home so I said, ‘yeah, I’ll go play.’

“In 2012 it was really the same thing. A couple of days before the Indy ball season started three of my best friends got released from affiliated teams and signed with Bridgeport. It was just like ‘I’ll come hang out with you guys for the summer and have a good time.’”

It did not surprise Peterson that he had a good time, or that be played well, making the All-Star team. What was surprising was when he got word in August that the Cardinals wanted to sign him and send him to Triple A.

“I had been playing pretty well for about three months straight and one day when I came to the field my manager gave me a phone number and said, ‘Call this number. The Cardinals want to sign you and send you to Triple A.’ I was pretty shocked. When I called the Cardinals they said they wanted to sign me to a two-year deal so I could come back this year, and that was even more of a surprise. Everything has worked out pretty well.”

After playing the final 21 games of last season for the Redbirds, hitting five homers and driving in 16 runs, Peterson has put together outstanding numbers in the first half of this season, playing all but one game at first base.

He leads the PCL with 20 homers, is third in RBIs with 63 (in 86 games), is tied for first in extra-base hits. He is tied with teammate Kolten Wong for the best batting average on the Redbirds at .306 and has posted a .325 average against left-handers.

“I made a few adjustments over the last couple of years in Indy ball with my swing and my approach,” Peterson said. “I don’t consider myself even the same kind of player as I used to be. I’ve kind of come into my own and figured out what I am supposed to do on the field. I really believe in what I am trying to accomplish.

“It’s a combination of getting order and having more experience and actually believing in what I am trying to do.”

Peterson was originally a 49th round draft pick of the Twins from a small high school in Washington state in 2002, the 1,450th player selected in the draft that year. He played his first game in rookie ball the following season, beginning a journey that has now seen him play more than 1,150 games in the minor leagues, counting his two seasons in independent ball.

“I still remember my first rookie ball game like it was yesterday, but when I start thinking about the whole thing it seems like a pretty long time,” Peterson said. “I don’t really regret anything that has happened in my career.”

Peterson went to the Twins’ major-league spring training camp twice, in 2009 and 2010, but each time was sent back to Triple A.

“There were about four years straight where I thought I should have been one of the guys called up,” he said. “I had an unlucky break in 2007 when I had shoulder surgery at the end of the year. That kind of pushed back some things, but there definitely were times where I thought I should have been the guy called up and I just got looked over for some reason.

“I didn’t really like baseball too much at that time because I was kind of starting to realize the politics of it, and starting to understand what really matters to some of these organizations and I don’t think it’s always winning.

“But being away from the game, and finding myself again, I love the game now more than I ever have.”

Peterson has paid attention to what the major-league Cardinals have done so far this year, and he realizes the team has a need for a right-handed hitter with some power who can come off the bench. He would like to think he has a shot for a promotion sometime between now and the end of the season.

“I try to not think too much about what is going to happen with me,” he said. “I really just try to show up and play the games here and kind of be in the now. I don’t really think about the past or the future too much. I focus on what I need to accomplish here on any given day.

“It would be nice for them to make that move, but it’s not my decision. If it happens it does, but if it doesn’t I will be happy with what I’ve accomplished here this year. I have a couple of more months to stay focused and try to finish this thing out strong.”

Peterson believes – other than the living conditions – he is basically in the same position now that he was a year ago.

“At the point of the year when I got signed (by the Cardinals) I didn’t really expect anything to happen,” he said. “I was just showing up and trying to help our team make the playoffs. I didn’t think about getting signed. I feel like if you focus on what you are trying to do at that moment and do your job, good things will happen.”

Peterson doesn’t know how he would react to the word of a big-league promotion, but he does know how special it would be.

“It will mean a lot more to me now than it would have back then (with the Twins,” he said. “I think I am more ready now than I was back then.”

One certainty for Peterson is that he is definitely going to enjoy his trip to the PCL All-Star game, the first time he has made an All-Star team in affiliated ball since he played in the Midwest League in 2004. He is going to have a good collection of family and friends on hand.

“I think they get more excited about it sometimes than I do,” Peterson said. “But it means more to me now, in the fact of where I came from the last couple of years. Baseball as a while means more to me now than it used to.”

source Rob Rains

Matt Holliday Lands on the DL

This morning the Cardinals announced that they decided to put Matt Holliday on the Disable List to give him some extra days of rest. Holliday is still dealing with his pulled hamstring. With an opening on the roster the Cardinals called up Brock Peterson from AAA Memphis. Holliday should be out till after their homes schedule ends. Peterson is having a pretty good year with the Memphis Redbirds. At this time Brock is sitting on 22 HRs and 66 RBIs. His line at Memphis is .306/.382/.564 . With 93 games under his belt he also has 23 doubles. With Peterson in the mix he now becomes our right handed hitter off the bench. Allen Craig will now play left field and Matt Adams will receive more games at first base. A few things I like about Brock is not only his name is so typical for a baseball player but he is a proven veteran. At the age of 29 he has been with the Twins minor league system for eight years. He is now in the big leagues with something to prove, which gives him an advantage.

source stltoday

Cardinals Intrested in Matt Garza

Just recently the Cubs had told Matt Garza that to expect to be traded in the near future. Since his contract is up with the Cubs at the end of this season, the Cubs are not interested in bringing Garza back. The Cubs are going with a youth movement. At this time the Rangers and the Bluejays are front runners for Garza’s services. Well I just came across a little nugget of information via Danny Knobler (CBSSports) that the Cardinals have talked to the Cubs about Matt Garza. Knobler also added that there might be a possibility it may happen since both teams have traded before. Some of my favorite Cubs/Cardnals trades are Leon Durham and Ken Reitz for Bruce Sutter and of course the Cubs trading Lou Brock, Jack Spring and Paul Toth for Ernie Broglio, Doug Clemens and Bobby Shantz. Well if the Cards can pull this off the Cubs may want a few minor league players. I would think probably some low level players……this is my suggestion.

Mujica Going to All-Star Game!


All I can say is wow! Today Edward Mujica was named as a replacement for Adam Wainwright due to dropping out of pitching in the All Star game. Adam had the right to give up his spot on the roster if he chose to do so as a Sunday starter. So today he got the call to fill in the open roster spot. This is Mujica’s first appearance at the All-Star Game. Mujica is having a stellar season so far as the Cardinals Closer. He has 26 saves out of 27 opportunities. Mujica is second in saves with Jason Grilli with the most in the National League at 29.

Michell Boggs Traded to the Rockies

Since Boggs was banished to the Memphis Redbirds, his career did not get any better while he was there. Well the Cardinals found a taker, The Rockies. In return the Cardinals will get international bonus # 4 plus $2.25 Mil for that pick. The Rockies will designate pitcher Joe Gardner for assignment to make room for Boggs.

Wigginton to be Released

Looks like Wigginton’s short career with the Cardinals will be over by tonight. The Cardinals are planning on making an roster move by tonights game with the Astros. Cardinal fans and critics have been critical of the teams move to sign Wigginton for a two year five million deal. Ty has become what a waste of a roster space. So far this season Wigginton has bated .156 as a pinch hitter and .158 for a overall batting average. The Cardinals would eat up the rest of his salary for the season once he is released. So who will the Cardinals bring up to fill in the vacant space. Well with Molina with inflammation in his right knee, he is now considered day to day. Well there are some creative moves this team could make to fill in the roster spot. First they could bring up a minor league catcher for help or use Tony Cruz till Molina has rested which could be what three games? If they use Cruz as their starting pitcher the Cardinals could bring up Brock Peterson as our right hand hitting bench guy. At this point in Memphis Peterson has 20 HR, 63 RBIs and a .308 BA. Brock looks great and would be such a better upgrade over Wigginton.  I also tend to think this spot would be filled by a player from whatever trade that will be made by July 31 deadline.

12:30pm Update….

Ty Wigginton was given his unconditional release. Ty is now considered a Free Agent. The Cardinals also purchased the contract of Memphis Redbirds Catcher Rob Johnson. Molina just might make his return as catcher tonight.