Wigginton to be Released

Looks like Wigginton’s short career with the Cardinals will be over by tonight. The Cardinals are planning on making an roster move by tonights game with the Astros. Cardinal fans and critics have been critical of the teams move to sign Wigginton for a two year five million deal. Ty has become what a waste of a roster space. So far this season Wigginton has bated .156 as a pinch hitter and .158 for a overall batting average. The Cardinals would eat up the rest of his salary for the season once he is released. So who will the Cardinals bring up to fill in the vacant space. Well with Molina with inflammation in his right knee, he is now considered day to day. Well there are some creative moves this team could make to fill in the roster spot. First they could bring up a minor league catcher for help or use Tony Cruz till Molina has rested which could be what three games? If they use Cruz as their starting pitcher the Cardinals could bring up Brock Peterson as our right hand hitting bench guy. At this point in Memphis Peterson has 20 HR, 63 RBIs and a .308 BA. Brock looks great and would be such a better upgrade over Wigginton.  I also tend to think this spot would be filled by a player from whatever trade that will be made by July 31 deadline.

12:30pm Update….

Ty Wigginton was given his unconditional release. Ty is now considered a Free Agent. The Cardinals also purchased the contract of Memphis Redbirds Catcher Rob Johnson. Molina just might make his return as catcher tonight.


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