Cardinals Intrested in Matt Garza

Just recently the Cubs had told Matt Garza that to expect to be traded in the near future. Since his contract is up with the Cubs at the end of this season, the Cubs are not interested in bringing Garza back. The Cubs are going with a youth movement. At this time the Rangers and the Bluejays are front runners for Garza’s services. Well I just came across a little nugget of information via Danny Knobler (CBSSports) that the Cardinals have talked to the Cubs about Matt Garza. Knobler also added that there might be a possibility it may happen since both teams have traded before. Some of my favorite Cubs/Cardnals trades are Leon Durham and Ken Reitz for Bruce Sutter and of course the Cubs trading Lou Brock, Jack Spring and Paul Toth for Ernie Broglio, Doug Clemens and Bobby Shantz. Well if the Cards can pull this off the Cubs may want a few minor league players. I would think probably some low level players……this is my suggestion.


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