St.Louis Cardinals Targeting Jake Peavy

A few days ago I got word that their were Cardinals Scouts at the Whitesox/Braves game but were not sure who they were scouting. It was believed it was Jake Peavy they were scouting. So I began to wonder with Lance Lynn’s meltdown and a closed door meeting with Matheny maybe an indication it might be time to move Lance to the bullpen and search for a starting pitcher. Today Jon Heyman reported that the Cardinals and the Whitesox are the two main potential teams in play for Peavy. I wouldn’t mind Peavy to join the Cardinals as a veteran presence in the rotation. Then I came across some chatter on Chicago Talk Radio about trading with the Cardinals. It was suggested that the Cardinals would trade Freese, Kelly and Adams for Peavy and short stop Alexi Ramirez. I have a feeling that the Cards would rather not trade Adams of Freese, but I do know they are interested in Ramirez. I tend to think the Cardinals would offer Kelly and some lower tier pitchers for Peavy and Rameriz. We have seven more days till the trade deadline ends. We will wait and see.


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