From Frontier League to the Majors

If your a St.Louis Baseball fan here in St. Louis you worship the Cardinals and support the O’Fallon River City Rascals. The Rascals presents an intimate family friendly ballpark. The ticket prices are also reasonable. The most expensive ticket is $11 for Box Seat and cheapest is $5 for lawn. It is also a great place to go for 4th of July Fireworks. The casual Cardinal Baseball Fan might know that the Rascals had a rising star that eventually got purchased by the St .Louis Cardinals. Yes it is Josh Kinney. On June 15, 2001 the Cardinals purchased his services. It wasn’t until 2006 the Cardinals brought him up as a middle relief pitcher for a short while. He was sent down and then brought up in September. He made pitching appearances for the NLDS, NLCS and the World Series they had won against the Tigers in 2006. It was quite a Cinderella story for Kinney. After having Tommy John surgery in 2007 he would have just a few stints with the Cardinals and sent to the minors. In 2010 he was released by the Cardinals. In 2011 he was signed and let go by the Chicago Whitesox and picked up by the Seattle Mariners in December of that year. Kinney is still playing for the Mariners as a middle relief pitcher. What a great story. Other MLB players that played for the Rascals are  Joe Thatcher that played for Diamondbacks and currently with the Padres. Others include Terry Pearson for the Tigers(2002), and Justin Christian that is currently with the Cardinals minor league system. Christian also spent time with the Yankees, Orioles and Giants. In conclusion support your Frontier League Team wherever you live, you just might see your favorite player in the big leagues someday.


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