River City Rascals News

This year the Rascals have finished in a third place tie in their division with a 50-46 record. With posting an eight game winning streak manager Steve Brook was signed on for the 2014 season as the Rascals manager for another year. With the four years he has spent as manager Brook has a 220-161 record with the team. With almost making the playoffs this year Brook and his team still has the hunger and determination to win it all in 2014.

End of the Year Awards

Congrats to Curran Redal in winning MVP, Pitcher of the Year goes to Gabe Shaw and Rookie of the Year goes to Danny Canela.

Other Stats

Final Record: 50-46

Longest Win Streak: 8 games aug8-27

Largest Crowd: 3511

Average Attendance: 1971

Total Runs Scored: 443

Total Runs Given Up: 439

All-Stars: Curran Redal, Phil Wunderlich, and Nick Kennedy
Most Wins: 7 – Barnes, Goodman

Most Saves: 26 – Shaw

Best ERA: 2.03 – Crider

Most Strikeouts: 77 – Goodman

Most Innings Pitched: 120 -Barnes

Best Batting Average: .360 – Canela

Most Homeruns: 14 – Wunderlich

Most RBIs: 64 – Wunderlich

Most Doubles: 23 – Block

Most Triples: 3 – Crawford

Most Stolen Bases: 30 – Crawford

Carlos Beltran a Class Act

Carlos Beltran at this moment just might have what it takes to get into the Hall of Fame. He is also a candidate for this years Roberto Clemente award. Besides the attention Carlos receives as one of the elite players at his age he is also a hero. How many of us have Baseball Hero’s? As a kid I had Ted Simmons, Andy Van Slyke and Ozzie Smith but I never had a chance to meet them. Well a friend of mine had that chance meeting. Here is the article that Rob Rains had wrote about a friend of mine, Gilbert Medina and Carlos Beltran……enjoy!

Gilbert Medina had spent the entire game in his seat in the second row of the stands in right field at Busch Stadium trying to get the attention of Carlos Beltran, yelling to him in Spanish so much he admits he probably had annoyed many of the other fans sitting around him.

Finally, before the start of the ninth inning as Beltran was playing catch, Medina decided to yell at Beltran one more time – this time with a phrase special to people from Puerto Rico – “Boricua bragao” – and this time, Beltran heard him, turned toward the stands, and smiled.

Medina could hardly believe what happened next. Beltran took the baseball, motioned to Medina, and tossed it to him.

Medina, a 47-year-old man who spent 15 years living in Puerto Rico and additional years living in New York when Beltran played for the Mets, was overjoyed. He had a personal souvenir from a man he had admired for years, not only because of his baseball ability but because of his personal character.

But there is more to this story, more about the bond that ties fans to players, and about the impact that a simple act by a player can have on someone’s life.

Medina is a teaching assistant at Southview School in the Special School District in St. Louis County, working with students of various ages with a variety of disabilities. He also is a student at Fontbonne University, working toward a degree in special education.

Medina has his own medical challenges as well. He has had two brain surgeries in the last five years because of a non-cancerous tumor on his optic nerve. The second surgery in November 2010 resulted in his endocrine system shutting down, prompting Medina’s doctor to tell him, “I can’t medically account for why you’re still alive.” Medina has to take 28 different pills a day to keep his body functioning.

He has never lost his strong faith, however, or his positive outlook on life, and he could not believe his good fortune when his favorite baseball player, Beltran, signed as a free agent with the Cardinals before the 2012 season.

It was early in the year when Medina went to Busch Stadium and got closer to Beltran than he ever thought possible. He was with his fiancé, Paula Berner, who is a teacher at Litszinger School, also in the Special School District.

Last summer, Berner shared the story with Cardinals’ broadcaster Dan McLaughlin when she was helping him shoot a video for his golf tournament benefitting the Special Education Foundation. He made arrangements for Medina and Berner to come on the field before a game and a chance to meet Beltran and get his special baseball autographed.

Medina considered that moment one of the greatest days of his life and told that to Beltran. But he was in shock when Beltran had a personal message back for him.

“He said, ‘Relax my brother, with all of the great things that God has in store for you in the coming years, when you look back, this moment is going to be nothing,’” Medina said. “This hero of mine had no clue of my past and the struggles I’ve had with brain tumors, surgeries, etc. He also had no idea of my strong faith, and that I fully believe that God has my back on everything.

“I had chills and was moved to tears. We shared small talk about our island while he autographed my ball. We shook hands and I walked away on cloud nine, my feet barely touching the ground.”

Beltran did not know any of Medina’s background, or his personal medical struggles. That was not the reason he reached out to him; he did it as a gesture of good will.

“Honestly, I do know what kind of a role we play,” Beltran said this week. “We have to come to the ballpark every day and take care of our own things and sometimes we forget about it. It’s always good every time you can impact somebody by shaking hands, saying something positive or even signing an autograph.

“It’s a big blessing. God has put us in a position where we can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Even though Beltran had never met or talked with Medina before, he felt that bond between them – and he knows God was with them at their meeting, helping Beltran know what to say to a stranger, but also a fan, and a friend.

“Sometimes when you get the opportunity to sit down with a fan or have an opportunity to talk with them for a little bit, I like to give my advice,” Beltran said. “For me I have always been like that. I come from a humble family and I know what it is to have nothing, and what it means to be successful and have what I have right now. At the same time I understand that God has given me this opportunity, and allowed me to be where I am right now.

“I always try to encourage people in a positive way and in their faith.”

It is no surprise to Medina that Beltran is the Cardinals’ nominee for the Roberto Clemente award, presented annually by Major League Baseball, to the player who “best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team.” It honors the former Hall of Fame outfielder, a Puerto Rico native, and Beltran’s idol as a young boy living on the island.

This year’s winner will be announced at the World Series.

“In today’s age of gilded superstars and prima donnas, Carlos Beltran still maintains a down to earth, approachable aura,” Medina said. “He’s a man who has given back to his homeland, funding scholarships and founding a baseball school where not only sports but academics are strongly emphasized.

“He’s the kind of guy who I would love to call a friend.”

My Top Seven St. Cardinals Prospects

1. At the age of 21 Oscar Taveras still remains on top as the best prospect in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Despite having surgery to clean out the cartilage in  his knee and a high ankle strain, Oscar was able to hit .306-5-32 at Memphis. He still has a lot of upside and will eventually take over as their starting outfielder.

2. Kolten Wong, The Cardinals heir to the second baseman spot has been less than stellar since being called up to the big team. Another young player at 22 that is proficient as a defensive player with speed is still trying to make a mark. He has a great work ethic and a lot of promise.

3. Michael Wacha, With almost pitching a perfect game a few nights ago, Wacha has made his way on the team with his determination and power arm. He has definitely won his way onto the team.

4.John Gast, With having two surgeries, he is till known as a string dominate pitcher.

5. Marco Gonzales…………..6. Patrick Wisdon…………7. Carson Kelly

Ball Park Village Hiring

As of this time the progress of the Ball Park Village is ahead of schedule. January 1 is when the tenants in the village will start hiring for their positions. There are plans of  hiring 1,000 within the village according to Ballpark Village Chief Operating Officer Jim Watry. The positions that the Village is hiring for director positions in sales, marketing and operations. If interested you can either send a message through their Facebook page or email Jim Watry at Jim@stlballparkvillage.com. As of right now some of the businesses that are already a part of the Village that will be hiring are Budweiser Brew House, Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum, Cardinals Nation Restaurant, Ball Park Village Marketplace, and PBR St.Louis Country Bar. This is an exciting time for this long awaited addition. When the Cardinals are away or during the offseason the Ball Park Village will keep the Busch Stadium area alive year round. Please check out Ball Park Village website http://www.stlballparkvillage.com/

My Postseason Predictions

NL Wild Card Game    Pirates vs Nationals    Winner: Pirates

AL Wild Card Game    Indians vs Rays           Winner: Rays

NLDS A                       Pirates vs Braves         Winner: Braves

NLDS B                       Dodgers vs Cardinals   Winner: Cardinals

ALDS A                       Rays vs Redsox            Winner: Rays

ALDS B                       Tigers vs A’s                 Winner: A’s

NLCS                           Cardinals vs Braves      Winner: Cardinals

ALCS                           Rays vs A’s                   Winner: Rays

World Series                Rays vs. Cardinals         Winner: Cardinals

The 2013 MLB Postseason Schedule


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2013 MLB Postseason Schedule**

** subject to change

Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
NL Wild Card NL Wild Card @ NL Wild Card Tue, Oct 1 TBD TBS  
NL Wild Card
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
AL Wild Card AL Wild Card @ AL Wild Card Wed, Oct 2 TBD TBS  
AL Wild Card
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 NL Wild Card @ NL Div. Winner #1 Thu, Oct 3 TBD TBS  
Game 2 NL Wild Card @ NL Div. Winner #1 Fri, Oct 4 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 3 NL Div. Winner #1 @ NL Wild Card Sun, Oct 6 TBD TBS  
Game 4* NL Div. Winner #1 @ NL Wild Card Mon, Oct 7 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 5* NL Wild Card @ NL Div. Winner #1 Wed, Oct 9 TBD TBS  
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 NL Div. Winner #3 @ NL Div. Winner #2 Thu, Oct 3 TBD TBS  
Game 2 NL Div. Winner #3 @ NL Div. Winner #2 Fri, Oct 4 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 3 NL Div. Winner #2 @ NL Div. Winner #3 Sun, Oct 6 TBD TBS  
Game 4* NL Div. Winner #2 @ NL Div. Winner #3 Mon, Oct 7 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 5* NL Div. Winner #3 @ NL Div. Winner #2 Wed, Oct 9 TBD TBS  
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 AL Wild Card @ AL Div. Winner #1 Fri, Oct 4 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 2 AL Wild Card @ AL Div. Winner #1 Sat, Oct 5 TBD TBS  
Game 3 AL Div. Winner #1 @ AL Wild Card Mon, Oct 7 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 4* AL Div. Winner #1 @ AL Wild Card Tue, Oct 8 TBD TBS  
Game 5* AL Wild Card @ AL Div. Winner #1 Thu, Oct 10 TBD TBS  
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 AL Div. Winner #3 @ AL Div. Winner #2 Fri, Oct 4 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 2 AL Div. Winner #3 @ AL Div. Winner #2 Sat, Oct 5 TBD TBS  
Game 3 AL Div. Winner #2 @ AL Div. Winner #3 Mon, Oct 7 TBD TBS or MLBN***  
Game 4* AL Div. Winner #2 @ AL Div. Winner #3 Tue, Oct 8 TBD TBS  
Game 5* AL Div. Winner #3 @ AL Div. Winner #2 Thu, Oct 10 TBD TBS  
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 TBD @ TBD Fri, Oct 11 TBD TBS  
Game 2 TBD @ TBD Sat, Oct 12 TBD TBS  
Game 3 TBD @ TBD Mon, Oct 14 TBD TBS  
Game 4 TBD @ TBD Tue, Oct 15 TBD TBS  
Game 5* TBD @ TBD Wed, Oct 16 TBD TBS  
Game 6* TBD @ TBD Fri, Oct 18 TBD TBS  
Game 7* TBD @ TBD Sat, Oct 19 TBD TBS  
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 TBD @ TBD Sat, Oct 12 TBD FOX  
Game 2 TBD @ TBD Sun, Oct 13 TBD FOX  
Game 3 TBD @ TBD Tue, Oct 15 TBD FOX  
Game 4 TBD @ TBD Wed, Oct 16 TBD FOX  
Game 5* TBD @ TBD Thu, Oct 17 TBD FOX  
Game 6* TBD @ TBD Sat, Oct 19 TBD FOX  
Game 7* TBD @ TBD Sun, Oct 20 TBD FOX  
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV Tickets
Game 1 NL Champion @ AL Champion Wed, Oct 23 TBD FOX  
Game 2 NL Champion @ AL Champion Thu, Oct 24 TBD FOX  
Game 3 AL Champion @ NL Champion Sat, Oct 26 TBD FOX  
Game 4 AL Champion @ NL Champion Sun, Oct 27 TBD FOX  
Game 5* AL Champion @ NL Champion Mon, Oct 28 TBD FOX  
Game 6* NL Champion @ AL Champion Wed, Oct 30 TBD FOX  
Game 7* NL Champion @ AL Champion Thu, Oct 31 TBD FOX


Dave Duncan Coming Back?

This evening Ken Rosenthal reported a possibility of Dave Duncan coming back to Major League Baseball in some type of capacity. In a article Rosenthal wrote he mentioned that some major league teams are interested in hiring Dave Duncan. Duncan does talk about that he wouldn’t want to coach as of yet but would help in some fashion. He would consider a different job with an organization. Would love to have him back with the Cardinals. I believe he would do well with the minor league players the players that the Cardinals keep bringing up. So Dave, please come back with the Cardinals. What a great baseball mind Duncan has.

An Evening with Kolten Wong

Tonight my son Gabe and I trekked on up to Chesterfield Mall to meet and get a signature from the rookie second baseman Kolton Wong. The event was sponsored through St.Louis Sports & Collectibles. The line was not bad at all we were able to get in and out. There was also a JSA representative to authenticate the signature. As we made our way up to Kolten Wong I could see the excitement in Gabriel’s eyes. He walked over and said hi to Kolten , he responded by telling him that he was happy to meet him. He shook Gabe’s hand as we walked away. I was impressed with Wong’s personable demeanor. He was taking pictures with other fans too. I was not able to ask any questions or photo bomb Gabe’s picture but I was a proud parent. It was overwhelming to watch my son Gabe meet a professional baseball player from our own St.Louis Cardinals team.


For those of you that are autograph hounds like me there will be another autograph session with Jon Jay and Kevin Siegrist this Saturday September 14. It will be from 10:30am to 12:00 pm. For questions regarding price of admission call 636-439-1830

2013 Cardinal Yearbook Celebrates Stan Musial

News Release
ST. LOUIS, Mo. (September 09, 2013) – Today, the St. Louis Cardinals released the Official 2013 Yearbook themed around the greatest Cardinal of them all, Stan “The Man” Musial.
This year, the annual publication celebrates Stan’s baseball brilliance and exemplary character with more than 250 pages of classic Musial moments. Chronicling his career one season at a time, the yearbook is the most detailed, official tribute to Musial’s legacy featuring scores of rare photos from the club’s archives and baseball’s best photo collections.
“This yearbook captures the extraordinary impact of Stan’s legacy unlike anything ever presented before,” said Steve Zesch, Director of Cardinals Publications. “It’s packed with details on all of the big games, record-setting performances and off-the-field experiences that distinguished Stan’s tremendous career. This is a must have for every Musial devotee and citizen of Cardinal Nation.”
The keepsake publication also includes a special introduction from national columnist Joe Posnanski, author of the widely acclaimed 2010 Sports Illustrated cover story on Musial.
In addition to the definitive account of Musial’s career, the Official 2013 Cardinals Yearbook includes action photos and studio portraits of all members of the 2013 roster, making it the perfect souvenir for any Cardinals fan.
Yearbooks are on sale now for $15 at Busch Stadium gates, the official Team Store and at many area retailers including QuikTrip, Walgreens, Cardinals Clubhouse stores, Wal-Mart, area grocery stores and Johnny Mac’s Sporting Goods. Fans can also call 314.345.9303 or go online to cardinals.com/yearbook. Digital editions of the 2013 Yearbook are also available to download for $10.

source: St.Louis Cardinals

Its Time to Heal, Scott Spiezio


Not a big fan on reporting bad news on former MLB players but this caught my attention for a reasons. A friend of mine passed this bit of news to me about Scott Spiezio’s latest run in with the law. He had a warrant out for  his arrest in Morris, Ill where he happens to live for assault. He did turn himself in. Scott Spiezio was what I thought a gamer, he had the grit and smarts of Cardinal player. In 2006 I got to meet him at the Cardinals Winter Warm Up. Had a great reception from the fans since his father Ed Spiezio was also an outfielder with the Cardinals from 1964 to 1968. I recall a very short but fond memory when talking to him, we had something in common, his dad played on the same World Championship team my cousin Charlie James played on. He signed my ball and shook my hand. That small moment for me meant a lot for Scott to take time and talk to a Cardinal Fan like me.but little did I know he had his own demons to battle that eventually led to  his release with the Cardinals in 2008. I do wish Scott all the best but you can’t get that monkey off your back till you surrender yourself from your addictions. I am still your fan.