Its Time to Heal, Scott Spiezio


Not a big fan on reporting bad news on former MLB players but this caught my attention for a reasons. A friend of mine passed this bit of news to me about Scott Spiezio’s latest run in with the law. He had a warrant out for  his arrest in Morris, Ill where he happens to live for assault. He did turn himself in. Scott Spiezio was what I thought a gamer, he had the grit and smarts of Cardinal player. In 2006 I got to meet him at the Cardinals Winter Warm Up. Had a great reception from the fans since his father Ed Spiezio was also an outfielder with the Cardinals from 1964 to 1968. I recall a very short but fond memory when talking to him, we had something in common, his dad played on the same World Championship team my cousin Charlie James played on. He signed my ball and shook my hand. That small moment for me meant a lot for Scott to take time and talk to a Cardinal Fan like me.but little did I know he had his own demons to battle that eventually led to  his release with the Cardinals in 2008. I do wish Scott all the best but you can’t get that monkey off your back till you surrender yourself from your addictions. I am still your fan.


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