My Top Seven St. Cardinals Prospects

1. At the age of 21 Oscar Taveras still remains on top as the best prospect in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Despite having surgery to clean out the cartilage in  his knee and a high ankle strain, Oscar was able to hit .306-5-32 at Memphis. He still has a lot of upside and will eventually take over as their starting outfielder.

2. Kolten Wong, The Cardinals heir to the second baseman spot has been less than stellar since being called up to the big team. Another young player at 22 that is proficient as a defensive player with speed is still trying to make a mark. He has a great work ethic and a lot of promise.

3. Michael Wacha, With almost pitching a perfect game a few nights ago, Wacha has made his way on the team with his determination and power arm. He has definitely won his way onto the team.

4.John Gast, With having two surgeries, he is till known as a string dominate pitcher.

5. Marco Gonzales…………..6. Patrick Wisdon…………7. Carson Kelly


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