Molina & Wainwright Win Gold Gloves

Rawlings just announced the Gold Gloves Winners for 2013. Wainwright and Molina both get rewarded for excellence in there defensive skills. On the edge of Game Six in the World Series this announcement is pretty big, it could also be our lucky rabbits foot. I am hoping this is a boost for the Cardinals to win … Continue reading Molina & Wainwright Win Gold Gloves

Tim McCarver Isn’t All That Bad

If Tim McCarver seems a little at ease and fluent in his commentary for tonight's game it might be for a very good reason. McCarver a two time All Star Catcher with the Cardinals  in 1966 and 67 has become the St. Louis Cardinals favorite son during the 1960's. He also played along side with my cousin … Continue reading Tim McCarver Isn’t All That Bad

Beltran Wins Clemente Award

I am very happy to announce that Carlos Beltran has won the Roberto Clemente Award for his contributions on and off the field. Here is the article that talks more about his accomplishment.:ST. LOUIS - The winner of the 2013 Roberto Clemente Award is Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran. He was presented with it in … Continue reading Beltran Wins Clemente Award

Here are Some Other Obstruction Calls

                                             MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL RULE 7.06"Rule 7.06(b) Comment: Under 7.06(b) when the ball is not dead on obstruction and an obstructed runner advances beyond the base which, in the umpire’s judgment, he would have been awarded because of being obstructed, he does so at his own peril and may be tagged out. This is a … Continue reading Here are Some Other Obstruction Calls

Welcome Back Allen Craig

Earlier this evening the Cardinals finally made a very necessary roster move, Allen Craig was placed on the World Series roster and Adron Chambers was taken off. Allen will serve as the DH while the Cardinals are in Boston. He will be re-evaluated in St. Louis to see if he could play first base. The … Continue reading Welcome Back Allen Craig

World Series 2013: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Redsox Preview

I am definitely looking forward to this rematch. This is will be the Cardinals fourth time to play the Redsox in the World Series. In World Series play the Cardinals are 2-1 against Boston. I am looking at this series as the Cardinals revenge from 2004 when Boston swept the Cardinals in four games. Here … Continue reading World Series 2013: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Redsox Preview

Will Beltran Come Back?

Carlos Beltran so far has been a post season beast for the Cardinals. He has started the series with a playoff slugging percentage of .761, the highest in postseason history, while his on-base-plus-slugging percentage of 1.214 is best for players with at least 50 playoff at-bats. With two home runs in the division series he moved past … Continue reading Will Beltran Come Back?

My Cardinals & Dodgers Connection

Some people wonder why I am a loyal St. Louis Cardinals fan but show some alligence to the Los Angeles Dodgers. I guess its time to break things down for those of you that wonder why. In 1990 I left St. Louis to Albuquerque, New Mexico where the Los Angeles Dodgers had there AAA team the … Continue reading My Cardinals & Dodgers Connection