Cardinals Claim Joey Butler

A few days ago the St. Louis Cardinals claimed Joey Butler off waivers when the Rangers reinstated Nelson Cruz from the restricted list since his fifty day suspension is now over. The Cardinals nabbed him without hesitation. . In 2008 Butler was a 15th round draft pick for the Texas Rangers. With 1,563 plate appearances at Round Rock his career hitting line was .300/.392/.468. I was quite surprised that the Rangers had put this kid on waivers. He is known for his speed and power. As a Ranger there wasn’t much growth for him to move into a starting position in the outfield. In 2012 and 2013 his hitting has gotten better in the minors. He has been branded for as a AAA player. I guess the Cardinals claimed him to help fill in at the Memphis Redbirds team. With the Cardinals he is also blocked to become a starter in the outfield with Holiday, Jay and Taveras to be the main outfield starters. His best chances is to be a bench/pinch hitter player with the Cardinals.


One thought on “Cardinals Claim Joey Butler

  1. good pickup – trust me: rangers wanted to keep him as a cheap, low risk/mid-reward for 2014 stash, also was a player-coach-mentor type for AAA team… was just a victim of bad circumstances: gets first big league call-up the day cruz suspended; needed a quick roster spot to acquire alex rios in post-deadline trade, got designated; then we had to make room for cruz's 1-game, 0-4 return for game 163…he's been written off around rangers organiz. fans as 'AAA for life'r that'll never sniff rangers for even 1 game in september' for about 1-2 years (that quote was around 2 months before 'it' happened — check out his mlb debut game where his multi-extra-base hits w/ rbi's helped us forget, at least for a couple of hours, what loss of cruz would likely mean…but butler was a solid plug-and-play at the corner OF & DH spots, could count on at least a hit & maybe a sac fly rbi (more than can be said for david murphy, et. al), & was at least a near .300 decent power threat for late inning pinch hitting; nothing amazing in RF, but he was an upgrade to cruz at least, has a low-end respectable arm…thought outside chance cards might be picking him up to stash for playoff pinch hitting depth – one thing about his full career in the minors – acts like experienced veteran: no-emotion/not effected by pressure of stress ABs; appreciates every opportunity to play yet wont whine when he doesn't get another game for 2 weeks, stays off media radar; & eager to give best effort any AB chance he got…


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