World Series 2013: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Redsox Preview

I am definitely looking forward to this rematch. This is will be the Cardinals fourth time to play the Redsox in the World Series. In World Series play the Cardinals are 2-1 against Boston. I am looking at this series as the Cardinals revenge from 2004 when Boston swept the Cardinals in four games. Here are a few things of note about this series. This will be Carlos Beltran’s first appearance in the World Series. Allen Craig will be activated for play in the World Series and used as a Designated Hitter. Shelby Miller is still unused, I wonder if he will be used at all during the World Series. I predict the Cardinals will win in six games. This series will be a good match up between teams. The Redsox have two dominate pitchers with Bucholz and Lester. The Cardinals tandem of Wainwright and Wacha are just as good and we also have Kelly in our back pocket. With Rosenthal pitching in relief  his 100+ fastballs will tie up the Boston bats. This will be a fun series at both ends. I just dread Fenway Park. This one hundred and one year old park is a dump. The stadium has old tiny seats that only a small child could fit in. Obstructed views is always a problem and complaints of unusual smells that sweep through the stadium. The ceilings around the stadium look as if they will cave in at any moment. but the fans love this stadium. The Cardinals may have a hard time taking a win at Fenway so we may have to wait till they get back home to win. The Boston Fans are definitely the 10th player for their home town team. FOX 2 will televise all the games at 7:07pm except for Sunday which will start at 7:17pm. I look for Freese to finally come alive as he did in 2011 against the Tigers. The main dominant force will be Carlos Beltran and could be the World Series MVP. In order for the Cardinals to remain as a contender we need to see more offense from Molina, Adams and Holiday. What the Cardinals have that Boston lacks is depth in their middle relief, so look for Axford, Martinez and Choate to shut down the Redsox offense.


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