Will Troy Tulowitzki become a Cardinal?

Here we go again! Last year during the off season there were rumors and rumblings between the Cardinals and the Rockies in regards to Troy Tulowitzki. This week the General Managers Meetings has word already coming out of Orlando, Fl  that the Cardinals plan to meet with the Rockies to discuss a Troy Tulowitzki trade, as reported by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports. Passan also suggests that the Cardinals would part ways with Shelby Miller and Matt Adams. The Rockies might be coming around to the idea of getting out of the seven contract with Tulowitzki but there will be $134MM remaining on his contract. This is a perfect situation for the Cardinals due to needing a short stop for the long term but the other side of that golden coin is that he does get injured often. He also has a no trade clause but he just might waive it due to a certain person that’s on the Cardinal team, Matt Holiday. At the age of 27 Tulowitzki has amassed 155HRs, 552RBIs, and a .295 BA. He is a superb defensive short stop with a lot of range. In a way this deal does make sense and could actually work out. The Cardinals do have the money to take on Tulowitzki’s contract. This week’s meetings should be fun to watch.


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