The David Freese Trade Rumor Watch!

The David Freese trade watch is back on! Today Ken Rosenthal reported that the Cardinals and the Angels are talking about trading David Freese to the Angels. The Angels have a glaring need at third base. This could be Freese’s chance to reunite with his old friend Albert Pujols. It sure looks obvious that the Cardinals are trying to move Freese to open up more money to help the Cardinals to afford some of the big name free agents. So who would the Cardinals may get in return? The report has the Cardinals and looking for outfield help instead of a shortstop. The player they would have their eyes on is Peter Bourjos. The scoop on Bourjos is that he has the type of speed that covers all of the outfield. He also has an above average glove and can hit but his offense is off and on. One problem for him is that his at bats are at minimum, doesn’t get a lot of playing time at all. He would fit well with the Cardinals. A change of scenery could very well boost Bourjos into a fulltime centerfielder for him. I have a feeling that Cardinal Nation may not be too happy about this, seeing there favorite MVP of the 2006 World Series Champions. Would Freese turn in his love for Imo’s pizza for an In N Out Burger in California, we will see.


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